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The Church Is a Family That Welcomes and Teaches Us, Pope Francis Says

By ELISE HARRIS/CNA/EWTN NEWS | VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis in his Wednesday general audience address drew attention to how God formed the Church to unify humanity, stating that no one is saved on their own, but rather through the help of…

Pope at Audience: Your First Name Is "I Am a Christian," Last Name "I Belong to the Church"

Pope Francis has said that no Christian should feel isolated because all faithful belong to the family of the Church, which sustains and supports its members. Continuing his series of catecheses on the theme of the Church, the Pope exclaimed to the …

Pope: a Christian does not announce himself, but the Lord

Vatican City, Jun 24, 2014 / 09:50 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In his homily for the feast of John the Baptist’s birth, Pope Francis emphasized that a true Christian puts oneself aside in order for God to be seen, stating that John is a key example for …

Pope at Morning Mass: Imitate John The Baptist

At morning Mass in the Casa Santa Marta today, Pope Francis recalled that today is the feast of the Natiivity of St. John the Baptist. He said this cousin and precursor of Jesus should be a model for Christians to imitate. In his homily, the Pope de…

Pope Francis stops car to bless young disabled woman

Rome, Italy, Jun 23, 2014 / 10:19 am (CNA).- During his June 21 pastoral visit to the region of Calabria in southern Italy, Pope Francis stopped the car that was transporting him to see a young disabled woman and her family on the side of the road.

A video posted online by a family in the southern Italian region of Calabria depicts the encounter with the Holy Father.

The Pope passed by the highway near the family’s house as he returned from Cassano allo Jonio, where he spoke out against the mafia.

The Vatican’s website reported that family members waited with banners reading, ‘Please Pope stop here to see an angel who has been waiting for you’, and ‘Please come and bless little Roberta’.

When the Pope saw their signs, he asked for his car to stop, and immediately went to greet and bless the people.

Once the vehicle stopped, the Holy Father descended, approached the woman, who was laying on a moving stretcher, blessed her, kissed her and greeted her family and the children around her.

The young woman – Roberta – is disabled and cannot travel far from her home, because she is dependent upon a machine to breathe, according to

Her family voiced their gratitude to the Holy Father on Facebook.

“I still can’t believe it, thank you Holy Father…I thank the Pope for having given us a moment of great joy,” her sister, Pamela, wrote.

“Today we can say that Christ stopped in Sibari in the vestments of Pope Francis,” added Ivan Vania, a friend who helped make the posters calling the Pope’s attention.

He added that “it was very emotional to see how Pope Francis greeted Roberta…there are gestures in life that are worth more than speeches, much more than you would think…Pope Francis is unique.”

Defend others before the Father, Pope Francis urges

Vatican City, Jun 23, 2014 / 09:12 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In his daily homily Pope Francis warned that those who judge others are “obsessed” and far from God, stating that in order to be close we must defend others rather than hastily accuse …

Pope Francis: Torture is a mortal sin (Video)

After lashing out against the mafia in Calabria, the Pope expressed strong words against torture.  To view the video click here URL:

Pope Francis: ‘Excommunicated’ Mafia Adore Evil and Must Be Fought

By KERRI LENARTOWICK/CNA | VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis made a day trip Saturday into Italy’s Calabria region, a fearsome mafia stronghold, where he denounced the crime lords and their servants as “excommunicated” and “ado…

God’s Immeasurable Love Transforms Lives, Pope Francis Tells Pilgrims

By KERRI LENARTOWICK/CNA | VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis stressed the limitless nature of God’s love that transforms the heart and life of every Christian in his Sunday Angelus on June 22.

“One cannot measure the love of God. It is wi…

Francis to Celebrate Holy Mass for Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul

The Vatican has confirmed that Pope Francis will celebrate the Holy Mass for the Solemnity of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul this weekend. Today, the Vatican announced that the Pope will preside at the Mass for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, to take place at 9:30 a.m. this Sunday, June 29, in St. Peter’s B…