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Obama Adds Artifacts To Arsenal Of Phone

When pressed this Monday on how he could have issued 5.5 million illegal work permits to foreign nationals during the…

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Evidence of that Catholic funny bone

Another thing I love about the Church is the humor of the faithful. You just have to look at any list of patron saints and find the ironic funny bone of the Body of Christ. I find this information regarding the reason for the naming of a Catholic parish hilarious. Though Nevada was the last […]

Manual for Spiritual Warfare on sale!

One of my absolute favorite books I read last year was the Manual for Spiritual Warfare by Paul Thigpen, which I reviewed here. I see today via Brandon Voght that the Kindle version is on sale. For the last several weeks, I’ve been carrying the beautiful leather bound edition of Manual for Spiritual Warfare with me to […]

Overcoming Black Poverty

The other evening I watched a talk-show debate between two Black analysts on the problem of poverty among inner city…

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Not 50 Shades of Grey — 1 Shade of Black!

I just got back from Los Angeles yesterday and one of the things I notice in airports is the bookstores only feature the best of the bestsellers. So, what was right out front of the bookstore in the LAX airport as I passed? 50 Shades of Grey – the book which has normalized sexual bondage, sadism, […]

The Practice Of Love

If you had spent the first forty-one years of your life as a slave, before finally obtaining your freedom, would…

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Would you like to Pray some football

I knew I was in for some trouble when I heard the opening lines of a homily on Sunday. It was one of those using the Super Bowl as an extended metaphor and framework for the homily. So yes bad metaphor alert. It was just as cheesy as you might imagine. The two teams rivaling […]

Here and There

Entropy Academy a book by Alison Bernhof. Entropy, the second law of thermodynamics, happens. It steals our time, brings chaos into our homes, and spreads the myth that chaos and education are mutually exclusive. Far from it! Entropy Academy reveals how you can train your home (even a messy one) to do half your teaching, […]

Sue onto others as you would have others sue onto you

There have been a number of stories regarding bakers and others refusing to materially cooperate with same-sex marriage and the resulting prosecution. When such stories appear we run the mental simulation of reversing the story and wondering what would happen. In this case such as requesting a baker to do some activity contrary to their […]

His Touch Demands Our Response

The readings for the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time can raise a number of eyebrows. My first reaction is: “What…

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