Urgent Request From CPLC

April 29, 2010

From the Catholic Pro-Life Committe:

BD_2010_05We of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee warmly thank all who joined us to celebrate “The Splendor of the Gospel of Life” And to those who shared generously to further the work of the CPLC, we’re delighted to have your partnership in our ministries.

Because we know how much our life-saving work means to you, we feel that we can come to you to share our situation today.  We fell $16,000 shy of our goal for the matching gift, and we urgently need your help – especially if you haven’t made a donation this year to the CPLC, the Respect Life Ministry of the Diocese.

Please pray about what gift you can give for this ministry this year.

What’s at stake?  Well, let’s consider.  What if, instead of growing, or even maintaining, we actually had to cut back on our outreach?

Who will stand every day outside the abortion centers to offer love, hope and a way out to desperate moms praying for a sign?  Who will give those precious babies a final chance at life?  I just got a report that our sidewalk counselors helped 49 mothers turn away from the Dallas abortion centers last month, with another 53 “hopeful turnaways.”  That’s the most we’ve ever helped turn away from abortion in a single month! 

Who will take those moms who choose life by the hand, in friendship, for the challenging weeks and months to come?  To provide emotional, spiritual, material and even vocational support for a happy, healthy motherhood?  To present the adoption option effectively and prayerfully?

Who will embrace the mother who made the wrong choice that she can speak of to no one, that haunts her, that wakes her up at night hearing babies cry?  Who will help restore her hope?

Who will support Catholic parents by sharing with their children the Church’s clear and dignified message of chastity?  Who will train these youth to take pro-life into the future?

Who will bring the startling facts about abortion and contraception, and the beautiful truths of life and marriage, to the Spanish-speaking community targeted by the culture of death?

Who will encourage our pastors and enliven our parishes with the Gospel of Life?

Who, if not the CPLC?

We in the CPLC are committed, and through our nine ministries, we’re doing these things each and every day, and much more.  Each one of our staff and volunteers is called to this ministry, and we rejoice in the daily successes, the hearts touched and changed, for life.  We know it’s working.  We feel God’s blessing.  We can’t stop.  Not now.  This is the first time in 37 years that more American people say they are opposed to abortion than are for it.  Now is not the time to pull back, but to keep moving forward. 

Please make a donation today to help us raise the $16,000 we urgently need to keep moving forward.

God bless you. 

In Christ, For Life,

Karen Garnett
Executive Director

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Hats off to all who made the event a success!

Thank you to our auction supporters, exhibitors and Pro-Life Partners

A keepsake of the evening that can help save lives 



2 Responses to “Urgent Request From CPLC”

  1. Michelle on April 29th, 2010 11:41 pm

    Love?! Hope??! Is that what you call standing outside doctor’s offices screaming judgment and shame and rage at the women going inside? I am SO UNSPEAKABLY SICK of hearing this lie; almost as sick as I am of watching what really happens, every single day that I’m out there volunteering to walk women past the line of truly frightening screamers of “love” and “hope.” You people better hope that I’m right that there’s no God, otherwise you’ll have a very VERY long list of violations of the ninth commandment to answer for one of these days.

  2. George Vogt on April 30th, 2010 8:56 am


    Not only is that NOT what the CPLC promotes, I have NEVER witnessed this at ANY of the locations I have PRAYED (for the babies, the parents, and those who do what you do too) at.

    How truly terrifying and painful for those little babies who are pickled by the saline, ripped apart, and thrown away like garbage.

    How tragic for the women (and men) who have participated in this horrific process.

    As far as your “hope that there’s no God”; while I honestly have NO doubt in God, very simply, it is better to live as though there was a God, die, and found out there is not, than to live as though there were no God, die and find out there is.

    And what does “Thy shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife” have to do with your comment?

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