Life in the Spirit Seminar at St. Gabriel the Archangel, McKinney

November 7, 2010

McKinney, TX (MetroCatholic) -  Until recently the Holy Spirit was a complete mystery to me.  It is very easy for us to understand the Father and the Son in the Blessed Trinity because their stories and roles are made so clear to us… but, who is this Holy Spirit that makes up the third and very important part of the Trinity?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us in paragraph 691 that “the Holy Spirit” is the proper name of the one whom we adore and glorify with the Father and the Son.  The Church has received this name from the Lord and professes it in Baptism of her new children.   The term “Spirit” translates the Hebrew word ruah, which, in its primary sense, means breath, air, wind.”

The Holy Spirit gives us the gift of complete intimacy with our Lord.  It is the very air that we breathe to survive.  The Holy Spirit is calling to us to say yes to our Lord and live our lives for Him, with complete love and accepting of His will.  St. Augustine told us that the Spirit is to our souls what our souls are to our bodies.

If you are longing for a better relationship with our Lord, want a better prayer life, and/or a better understanding of the role that the Holy Spirit plays in that journey you will not want to miss the “Life in the Spirit Seminar” at St. Gabriel the Archangel in McKinney, TX.

The Life in the Spirit seminar will be a two-day Mission, which will be presented by The Disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ ( and hosted by St. Gabriel’s Holy Spirit Prayer Group.  The seminar will be held on Friday, November 19th (7-9pm) and Saturday, November 20th (8am-4pm) followed by Mass at 5pm with music by the Praise Band, all our welcome!

This will be my first time attending so I have asked a couple of members of the Holy Spirit Prayer Group at St. Gabriel to tell us about their experiences attending the seminar.  Rob Karl, who attended last years seminar said,  “After attending the Life in the Spirit seminar it gave new meaning to Scripture, the Eucharist, and brought to life how the Holy Spirit works in and around us all the time.  The seminar is life changing and has helped me connect more with my Catholic faith and the prayer group that has formed from the weekend has been a source of joy and inspiration as well. This seminar should be done at all parishes.”  Rob’s enthusiasm was echoed by Tracy Stewart’s testimony as well, “The Life In the Spirit Seminar was a wonderful experience.  Not only did it educate me about the meaning of living a life in the Spirit;  it was also uplifting and fulfilling.  I truly felt the Holy Spirit was with us during the singing and praise and worship.  I would say that if you’ve never been to a Life in the Spirit Seminar, you should check it out because it can change your life.  If you have been, I’d recommend attending again to refresh yourself in the Spirit.  I’m personally looking forward to hearing the charismatic Franciscan nuns of the Disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ speak.  They have dedicated their lives to teaching about the Holy Spirit’s gifts and the charismatic life.  You don’t want to miss this one!”

So please come learn how to make the Holy Spirit come alive in your daily life.  If you’ve been to a previous Life in the Spirit seminar, please come again.  There is always more. The cost is $15 in advance and $20 at the door and includes lunch on Saturday.   For more information, please contact Steven or Rita Auguirre at 972-562-1781, email [email protected]. or visit to register.

Mexican archdiocese encourages Catholic traditions on Halloween

October 29, 2010

Mexico City, Mexico (CNA) — The Archdiocese of Xalapa, Mexico has called on the faithful to preserve Catholic traditions associated with All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day amid the increasing celebration of Halloween in the country.

The archdiocese noted that the two feast days are traditionally celebrated in Mexico with symbolic decorations and colorful flowers “to remind us that the feast of All Saints is upon us.”

“Our homes are decorated with colors that are very typical of Mexico, especially the decorations we place upon our altars to renew the tradition of drawing near to our dear faithful departed,” the statement said.

The archdiocese urged Mexican Catholics to reinforce their traditions “that bring families together and foster peace with each other. In this case we need to preserve these traditions from the invasion and commercialization of Halloween.”

“These feast days are not supposed to be an occasion to dress up as monsters or to frighten others with the most violent costumes we can find.  This is not in harmony with the spirit of these traditions” and does not “foster peace.”

Instead, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day “provide us an opportunity to reflect on the theme of death,” which remains a “mystery” and “reflection of our condition as humans and our limitations,” the archdiocese stated.

The archdiocese also rejected the veneration of “St. Death,” a practice in some parts of Mexico. “Personal death is the only death that exists, and our Lord Jesus Christ has rescued us from it with his glorious resurrection.”

“Let us revive our traditions by decorating our altars for the faithfully departed, visiting the places of final rest, sharing in the traditional dishes of these celebrations and adorning our homes and churches with Mexican colors,” the statement concluded.

Will Presbyterians Redefine Marriage

June 30, 2010

WASHINGTON, (MetroCatholic) — Presbyterians gathering next week will choose between two divergent paths. The first seeks to change the church’s definition of marriage to a relationship between any “two people,” while the second seeks to preserve the church’s teachings that marriage is between a man and a woman.

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) will take up a series of items, among them proposed constitutional amendments to change the definition of marriage in the PCUSA Book of Order. The effect would be to allow churches to host and ministers to officiate at same-sex marriages. Other proposals would interpret the PCUSA constitution as allowing any state-recognized same-sex marriage to be celebrated as a Christian marriage.

The Final Report of the Special Committee on Civil Union and Christian Marriage asserts that “members of the PC(USA) cannot agree” on “the place of covenanted same-gender partnerships in the Christian community” and must therefore show “mutual forbearance.” Traditionalists have instead encouraged the adoption of a minority report that upholds “the church’s biblical, historic, and confessional position that, among all varieties of sexual relationships, only marriage between a man and a woman is ordained by God and blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Alan Wisdom, IRD’s Vice President for Research and Programs and Director of its Presbyterian Action committee, commented:

    “The Scriptures and all parts of the PCUSA constitution consistently teach that marriage is instituted by God as a gift to all humankind, and that we are to honor that gift.

    “If the PCUSA embraces sexual revisionism, it would deliberately sideline itself. It would exalt western liberal notions of individual moral autonomy above shared understandings of the Bible. It would follow the United Church of Christ and the Episcopal Church on the road to theological marginalization, internal division, accelerating membership loss, and cultural irrelevance.

    “Shall we assert the right to redefine marriage to suit our own contemporary notions of justice? Shall we treat marriage as if it were no different from other sexual relationships? Or shall we reaffirm the biblical vision of an exclusive, lifelong, one-flesh union of the two complementary sexes created by God?”

Alan Wisdom’s paper “Is Marriage Worth Defending?” and articles on the PCUSA Special Committee on Civil Union and Christian Marriage are viewable on the IRD website. Wisdom will be on site in Minneapolis available for media interviews.

Pope Benedict Acknowledges Spiritual Bouquet from Christendom College

June 18, 2010

Front Royal, Va. (MetroCatholicThis week Pope Benedict XVI acknowledged the reception of a spiritual bouquet from the Christendom College community. College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell received a letter from the Vatican’s Office of the Secretary of State, which imparted the Pope’s Apostolic Blessing on all who participated in the bouquet.

The letter stated, “His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI gratefully acknowledges the spiritual bouquet sent for his intentions.  He very much appreciates the prayerful support given to him in his ministry to the universal Church.  Upon all who have remembered him in their prayers the Holy Father invokes joy and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ and cordially imparts his Apostolic Blessing.”

While in Rome this spring, O’Donnell presented the spiritual bouquet to Frances Cardinal Arinze. During a meal with the students of Christendom’s Junior Semester in Rome, Cardinal Arinze accepted the bouquet on the Pope’s behalf and promised to personally deliver it.

O’Donnell says that members of the Christendom community have a special devotion and charism for the person of the Holy Father.  “Especially since recently he has been attacked and vilified by the press in a number of ways, it is crucial that we as Catholics express our loyalty and support for him as a priest and as the supreme teacher.”

The bouquet was given as an act of thanksgiving and solidarity during the Year of the Priest. Contributions were collected over an eight-month period on campus and on Christendom’s website. The bouquet enumerated 1,343 Masses, 556 Holy Hours, 2,225 Rosaries, 637 visits to the Blessed Sacrament, and 1,202 Chaplets of Divine Mercy.

“I do hope that this gave him some consolation as he continues to shepherd the church with such courage and fidelity,” O’Donnell says.

Contact: Niall O’Donnell
Title: Assistant Director of Public Relations
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800.877.5456 ext. 1217
Mobile: 540.692.0186

FRC’s Tony Perkins, Concerned National Leaders, Speak Out Against Comedy Central’s Anti-Christian Bias

June 4, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (MetroCatholic) Family Research Council President Tony Perkins today joined concerned religious and pro-family leaders for a tele-news conference condemning Viacom’s Comedy Central station over its planned upcoming show, “JC.” The show will be a situation comedy about God and his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Perkins was joined by fellow members of the Citizens Against Religious Bigotry (CARB), a coalition created in response to Comedy Central’s show. In attendance were Media Research Center President Brent Bozell, nationally syndicated talk radio host Michael Medved, Catholic League President Bill Donahue, American Alliance of Jews and Christians President Rabbi Daniel Lapin, and Parents Television Council President Tim Winter.

Regarding the proposed show, Perkins released the following statement:

“All of us can tolerate and even welcome discussion over religious differences. But when it comes to mocking the person Christians believe was God in the flesh, the savior of the world, under the guise of humor, we’re compelled to speak out.

“We do this without rancor but with a deep sense of pain. Jesus is not a comedic figure, an innocuous adolescent in white robes. He is the eternal Son of God, through whom, the Bible teaches, the universe was created. Rather than diminishing Him, we should bow before Him with our lives and hearts.”

Perkins also released the following statement regarding Comedy Central’s double standard for treatment of Christianity and Islam:

“When Christians attempt a serious discussion over Islam, they are labeled as intolerant and bigoted, but Comedy Central’s treatment of Christianity is condoned and tolerated as humor. Comedy Central seems to confuse Christian peacefulness as weakness, and has taken advantage of it through their programming. But when advertisers are alerted to this type of programming, I do believe they’ll communicate with Viacom and tell them they don’t want their products associated with a show like ‘JC.’”

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