Steak or Chicken? Fish Not on the Menu

Since Romney announced his pick of Catholic congressman Paul Ryan for his running mate, the blogosphere has been abuzz with commentary.  Most of the commentary has been positive.  Let’s face it, Romney could have done much worse in his pick from a Catholic perspective.  There were plenty of names thrown around that were wishy washy at best on the social issues like Rice or Christie.  Still yet, there are Catholics out there that are tearing down Paul Ryan for not staying true to Catholic teachings during his 7 terms as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.  They want to attack him for being an Ayn Rand fan.  They want to attack him for co-sponsoring legislation that allows for taxpayer funding of abortion in cases of rape or incest.  Okay, I get it.  What’s done is done but I will say this, Pope Benedict, nor Bishop Chaput, nor Father Pavone, nor Jesus Christ himself are going to appear on a third-party ticket.  If Catholics cannot unite behind the Romney-Ryan ticket, we will get four more years of irreparable damage from Obama and Catholic-in-name-only Biden.  
You can call Ryan’s actions on abortion intrinsically evil if you like but you can still vote for him and Romney in good consience because the Obama and Biden ticket support actions that are even more intrinsically evil.  This election is like going to a wedding where there are two choice of entree, steak or chicken.  It doesn’t matter if you only eat fish, it is not on the menu.  Get over it and get out and vote for Romney-Ryan.


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Chad Simpson (397 Posts)

Chad is a Catholic blogger living in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex who focuses on exposing the distortions, half-truths, and outright heresies of the liberal media. He adheres to the Magisterial teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. He and his wife home school their three children and attend the Novus Ordo mass in Latin whenever possible.

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