State’s Largest Roe v. Wade Memorial Rally and March Prepares for Crowd of 10,000

January 21, 2011

DALLAS (MetroCatholic) — Saturday, January 22, 2011, will mark the 38th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion on demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Because Roe v. Wade was originally filed in Dallas, our motto is “It started here. Let’s end it here.” Texans for Life Coalition and other members hosting the state’s largest Rally & March for Life anticipate a turnout of 10,000 life advocates.

Passage of ObamaCare with its potential funding of abortion has galvanized pro-life advocates, which was evident in the recent elections which saw many new pro-lifers elected at both the national and state level. While Pro-life advocates are engaged and excited about the opportunities to limit the fall-out of Roe with meaningful legislation, we will pause on Saturday to remember more than 50 million babies lost to abortion as we renew our commitment to ending abortion.

Kyleen Wright, president of Texans for Life Coalition also noted, “That the horror revealed in the recent indictments handed down against workers in a Pennsylvania abortion mill exposes the myth of ’safe and legal’ abortion and compels us to redouble our efforts to protect women and children from the abortion mills seeking to exploit them for financial gain.”

At 10 a.m. Catholics will celebrate mass with Bishop Kevin Farrell (Dallas Diocese) and Bishop Kevin Vann (Fort Worth Diocese) at the Cathedral de Santuario de Guadalupe; and Evangelicals will worship at First Baptist Dallas with Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor Stephen Broden and radio personality, Penna Dexter. At 11:45 Catholics will march to First Baptist Dallas where the crowds will merge and process together to rally for life behind the Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse (1108 Jackson Street) with empty strollers leading the procession. Addressing the crowd at the rally will be Bishop Kevin Farrell, Dr. Joe Martin of Trinity Church, Dr. Jack Hatcher of Christ for the Nations, Rev. Mark Gonzales of the United States Hispanic Action Network, Aurora Tinajero, Director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee’s Spanish Ministry and Corinne Kelly of University of Texas, Dallas, representing Students for Life.

Sponsors of the rally include Texans for Life Coalition, Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas, Catholics Respect Life of the Fort Worth Diocese, Concerned Women for America of Texas, Downtown Pregnancy Center, Prestonwood Pregnancy Center and First Baptist Dallas.


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