Socialized Health Care Delivered by a Catholic

March 21, 2010

McKinney, TX (MetroCatholic) As I sit here writing this article from my home office with my children snuggled securely in their warm beds upstairs, I can’t help but feel that their futures were just mortgaged by a supposed “pro-life” Catholic by the name of Bart Stupak. Our nation is already trillions of dollars in debt and this latest expansion of federal government will accelerate our great nation more quickly towards bankruptcy. Not only did I just witness my children’s futures being auctioned off on the House floor, I also watched congressional souls being bought and sold. Bart Stupak, the Catholic Democrat and poster child of the pro-life movement during the national health care debate during the last few months, actually stood there like a man possessed urging his Republican counterparts to vote against the language of his previous amendment which ensured no federal expansion of elective abortions. I apologize but I am at a loss for words. I need to go pray.


2 Responses to “Socialized Health Care Delivered by a Catholic”

  1. Barbara on March 22nd, 2010 2:04 pm

    Bart Stupak and his group sold out America. They sold their souls and all of the lives of the unborn babies yet to come. This is a debacle of a bill, one that will cost us in high taxes, no choices, government control of every aspect of our lives and health. Decisions made by some beaurcrats and not our physicians.


    How stupid is Stupak that he believes the biggest lier to ever inhabit the White House? Obama defiles the Constitution and does whatever he pleases with the help of the Death-Crats in congress. It is appalling that our country is being challenged at every turn. Our society is now in choas and fear. We are definitely turning to socialism and daily our freedoms are trampled by those who are elected to uphold them!!!!!!! It is all about Obama and not the people he is supposed to represent. Never have I seen such an attitude of disdain towards the people.

    Stand up America and take your country back. God help us for only he can.

  2. Grrr on March 23rd, 2010 8:59 am

    When I see comments like the one above, I am thinking, “what?” For instance, where are our “daily freedoms,” being trampled? Socialism? Death-crats. Difiling of the constitution? (I didn’t know it was a religious document). It’s all word salad taken from the sad Glenn Beck types. It’s meaningless. I think in some way, this hyperbole is genius because it is absolutly impossible to counter so much in so few words.

    Now regarding Mr. Stupak. I really trust his judgement. He has been over this issue as a devout Catholic for over a year now. Lawmaking is like making sausage-you just don’t want to see. I was concerned that he was aligned with the USSCB-which occiasionally seems like an organ of the Republican party. However, he may have been the wisest of us all.

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