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‘Last Ounce of Courage’ aims to fuel dialogue on religious freedom

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Denver, Colo., Aug 23, 2012 / 06:06 pm (CNA).- The upcoming family-friendly film, “Last Ounce of Courage” by director Darrel Campbell, takes the debate surrounding religious freedom and public expression of faith to the big screen.

Campbell said he intends the film to not only address how and why we celebrate Christmas in today's politically correct society, but also honor the soldiers and veterans who serve our country, “strap on the boots, and go in harm’s way.”

The movie, which will be released Sept. 14 on 1200 screens nationwide, follows three generations of the fictional Revere family.

Bob Revere, played by veteran actor Marshall Teague, is a decorated war hero and the part-time mayor of a small town. But his life drastically changes when his son Tom goes off to war and is killed. Adding to his pain, Tom's young wife – who had just given birth to their son Christian – drifts away from the family in her grief.

After 14 years, however, Christian and his mom decide to come back into the Reveres' life one holiday season, looking for the family they desperately need and miss.

When he settles into the community, Christian finds himself chastised for bringing a bible to school and observes Christmas being ignored or secularized when once it was celebrated by locals.

One day, Christian asks his grandfather what his father had died for. When Bob has no quick answer, they both start down a road to find the answer’s they have been hiding from. Soon, all three generations of Reveres take a stand for their beliefs and end up inspiring an entire town.

“I always wanted to do a film about Christmas time,” Campbell told CNA on Aug. 22, recalling that the inspiration for the film began four years ago when he received a religious tract titled “Keeping Christ in Christmas.”

Although he realized that it was an “emotional and electric subject matter,” he said he was tired of seeing Christmas “getting pushed into the background in civic life.”

Along with the theme of putting Christ back into Christmas, Campbell said that the film is also “a celebration of those who have given their last full measure of devotion.”

The director’s father was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army during World War II and his brother, Campbell’s uncle, lost his life in that same war. Campbell said he wants the film to prompt audiences to ask “what can I do to make sure their sacrifice is not in vain?”

Lead actor Marshall Teague agreed. He told CNA that he hopes that moviegoers ask themselves “what are we willing to do?”

“You start with your first ounce of courage,” he said, explaining that “That first ounce of courage is your voice – speaking up.”

Finding one's voice allows individuals to publicly say “I believe in this country, I believe in the people, I believe in freedom, I believe in my church, my religion, my faith,” Teague said. “This country is based on faith, family, and freedom, and that’s what the movie is about.”

“It is very rare for faith based film to be about our country and our people,” he added. “This is really a movie about all of us.”

Campbell said he aimed to make the film in a way that was “ecumenical – in the sense that it’s not protestant or catholic, but it is Christian.”

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