Former St. Jude Children’s Hospital Employee Gives Thanks by Giving Back

November 25, 2010

MEMPHIS, Tenn., (MetroCatholic) — Henry Matlock, a former employee of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, remembers the families that would accompany the hospital’s pediatric patients. Mr. Matlock recalls how St. Jude families remained close to their loved ones through treatments and the after effects that were sometimes difficult. Oftentimes, the parents and siblings lived hundreds or even thousands of miles away and would remain in Memphis for several weeks or months. Understandably, the parents would pray that their child’s health improved. At times, Mr. Matlock could see their faith wavering.

So once Mr. Matlock wrote his latest book, “Daily Deposits for the Soul: The Busy Christian’s Guide to Abundant Living,” it was no wonder he thought of those families again. The book is based on the principle that by spending just 15 minutes a day reading one bible scripture and exploring the true meaning behind the verses, one’s attitude and faith can be not only restored, but “deposited” into a repository where one will always have faith, even when things seem as though they are not going the “right” way.

Mr. Matlock is donating 20 copies of his book so the families can reflect and be uplifted, in hopes that they may develop their faith during their time away from home. “I want those families to remember that God will be there for them to guide them and be their strength while they are enduring this challenging time with their loved ones at the hospital,” he shares.

The purpose of the book is to guide busy readers to develop their faith by showing them how to make “deposits” in several different areas of their life including Mindset, Service, Spiritual Growth, Relationships, and Personal Growth using short chapters to make significant strides in their Christian walk. “St. Jude goes to great lengths in finding cures for childhood diseases. And I am grateful to be able to give the families something that, hopefully, will make their time away from home a bit easier.”

Henry Matlock is an ordained Christian preacher, board certified healthcare administrator and author of “Daily Deposits for the Soul: The Busy Christian’s Guide to Abundant Living.” Go to for more information.

To schedule an interview with Henry Matlock, call at 870-489-8613 or [email protected].


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