For Obama’s Greater Glory

The movie For Greater Glory is about the suppression of religious freedom. The movie stars Hollywood “A list” actors Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria. While both actors are Catholic, Longoria has also chosen to be outspoken in politics serving as no less than the co-chair of Obama’s re-election campaign. While you might assume that as a Catholic, who starred in a film about the suppression of religious freedom, Longoria would be politically aligned with the party that supports God and religious freedom in its platform. Instead Eva was a speaker at the Democratic National Convention. The same convention where as many people were against having God in their platform as were for it. The same convention where Democrats reaffirmed their desire to force employers to pay for contraceptives against their religious beliefs. The same convention where they attack anyone that doesn’t agree with their warped definition of marriage. I’m not upset with Eva Longoria, I would expect as much from a Hollywood actress but I feel she was a lame choice to have star in a film about religious freedom; a film that was released on DVD right before a presidential election in which she supports the anti-religious freedom candidate. Think I’ll pass on watching this film. (1233)

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Chad Simpson (397 Posts)

Chad is a Catholic blogger living in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex who focuses on exposing the distortions, half-truths, and outright heresies of the liberal media. He adheres to the Magisterial teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. He and his wife home school their three children and attend the Novus Ordo mass in Latin whenever possible.

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3 Responses to “For Obama’s Greater Glory”

  1. Dean Wright says:

    I find your decision not to watch FOR GREATER GLORY because you disagree with the political views of one of the actors cast in the film quite disappointing. The film itself deals with what happens when the freedoms we as Americans accept as the foundation for our society (Freedom of Religion & Freedom of Speech, among others) are not only taken away from us, but we show what happened to those who stood up in defiance of such tyranny across the border from us only a few decades ago.

    Please take a moment to review some of the reactions to the film on some of the Catholic Media sites:

    The inspirational stories brought to life by our cast - beautifully shot on location throughout Mexico where these events actually took place - create an unforgettable cinematic experience.

    The fact that these freedoms remain fragile in today’s world makes viewing this story more relevant than ever. I urge you to put aside any differences you may have and watch the film yourself. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

    Best Regards,

    Dean Wright

  2. Chad Simpson says:


    With all due respect, if the film didn’t impact one of its actors enough to change her mind about the eroding religious freedoms in this nation and around the world, then how do you think it will affect the general public? As evidenced by her continued support for an oppressive President that governs by executive order and by choosing not to enforce laws already on the books, she obviously still doesn’t get it. When you market your film to Catholics, this is the danger you run. Those of us that choose to think and dissect these issues see beyond slick marketing from The Maximus Group and Ignatius Press and develop an independent, informed opinion. Just because a film has Catholic themes, doesn’t mean Catholics should blindly flock to the theaters and embrace it. Just as the Catholic faith is nuanced, so is the marketing of a Catholic film in my opinion. Tell you what, send me a DVD and I’ll watch it and give it a fair review, primarily from a cinematic perspective now that I have the politics out of the way. You can email me at [email protected] and I will send you my address.

    Chad Simpson

  3. Stephen P says:

    This is a very excellent movie that is a testament to the enduring faith and courage of the Catholic resistance during the Cristeros War in Mexico from 1926 to 1929. The government at that time, tried to supress all forms of Catholic worship including Priests giving Mass or even wearing their robes or crosses in public. There were many martyrs including a beautiful, young boy who was tortured and killed for his faith. Regardless of anyone’s particular faith, all can appreciate the horrors these Catholics went through to change history for religious freedom in Mexico. And it will serve to help all Americans appreciate our religious freedoms. To use this great movie to bash Obama is utterly ridiculous and very un-Christian like. We Christians are better than that.

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