Family Values — World Congress of Families Conference Opens in London Next Week

May 28, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (MetroCatholic) - The Family Values Conference, which is also a World Congress of Families Regional Congress, will take place at the Baden Powell House, 65-67 Queen’s Gate, South Kensington, London, June 2-3.

The two-day conference, run in conjunction with National Family Week in the United Kingdom, will focus on such timely topics as: The Sanctity of Life, Faith as the Underpinning of the Family, Pornography and the Family, The Family - Social Construction or Natural Phenomenon?, Declining Birthrates: The Philosophical Roots of Demographic Winter, Is There Hope for Marriage and Families in the 21st Century?, Building Strong Marriages for the Future - Why Marriage Is Not Optional, The Fight Against Compulsory Sex Education in England, Strengthening Motherhood - the African Perspective, and Educating for Strong Families.

A distinguished array of speakers, both local and international, will bring their expertise to bear on these vital issues. They include:

  --  Edward Adamus - Catholic Diocese of Westminster
  --  Brenda Almond - Professor of Moral and Social Policy, University of
  --  Bryan Appleyard - The Buddhist Society
  --  Christopher Carmouche - GrassTopsUSA
  --  Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D. - Concerned Women for America and World
      Congress of Families Management Committee
  --  Paul Diamond - Barrister, Christian Legal Centre
  --  Don Feder - Communications Director, World Congress of Families
  --  Dr. Farooq Hassan - Distinguished Jurist, Pakistan Family Forum
  --  Larry Jacobs - Managing Director, World Congress of Families
  --  Amy King - The Front Page Campaign
  --  Theresa Okafor - Life League Nigeria and Foundation for African
      Cultural Heritage
  --  Vivienne Pattison - Media Watch UK
  --  Sharon Slater - Family Watch International
  --  John Smeaton - Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
  --  Christine Vollmer - Alliance for the Family (Latin America and
      Europe), the Pontifical Council on the Family and a member of the
      Management Committee, World Congress of Families

World Congress of Families International Secretary Dr. Allan C. Carlson commented: “We are delighted to be associated with this historic event in the heart of the United Kingdom. The Family Values Conference/World Congress of Families Regional Congress will unite those with diverse skills, as well as individuals from many faith backgrounds, in defense of the natural family. We hope this Conference will be the beginning of a national dialogue on how best to promote family values in the United Kingdom.”

To register on line, go to . For more information, contact Vanessa Theed at [email protected]  or 07740 431810.

For more information on World Congress of Families, visit .

The World Congress of Families (WCF) is an international network of pro-family organizations, scholars, leaders and people of goodwill from more than 60 countries that seek to restore the natural family as the fundamental social unit and the ’seedbed’ of civil society (as found in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948). The WCF was founded in 1997 by Allan Carlson and is a project of The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society in Rockford, Illinois ( To date, there have been five World Congresses of Families - Prague (1997), Geneva (1999), Mexico City (2004) and Warsaw, Poland (2007). The fifth World Congress of Families was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 10-12, 2009 ( and ).


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