CCHD “Stations of the Cross” advertises for pro-gay marriage, pro-abort groups

March 12, 2010

They are just completely tone deaf.  Or, they think they are utterly untouchable.  One of the two, or maybe both.  Thanks to, we learn that the CCHD has produced its own version of Stations of the Cross for this year.  And in this version, there are a few scripture passages, but a whole bunch of commercials for groups tied to CCHD.   True to form, several of these groups support things inimical to Catholic moral teaching, like abortion, contraception, and gay marriage. An example:

The second station, which is “Jesus Takes up His Cross,” focuses on the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition. OVEC’s news archive is littered with articles on various progressive agendas, including abortion and same-sex marriage

There is much, much more at the link.  I know that some want to reform CCHD, but I doubt that is possible.  CCHD was formed with a Saul Alinsky agenda in mind, and has been and is staffed with Alinsky-ite progressives.  The entire nature of the organization is to lobby for the poor, not to aid the poor.  That lobbying rarely does much to directly help the poor with increased access to better training or education, things that could really help lift the poor out of poverty.  No, it’s programs and affiliates focus on two things: being a jobs programs for leftists with degrees in subjects like “queer theory” and “elemental marxism,” and lobbying the government for more funding for CCHD grantees. 

It’s like a perpetual motion machine.  Staff an organization with leftists, who then lobby the government for more money to breed more leftists, create more organizations that are staffed with leftists from that money, and so on ad infinitum.  CCHD is alot of things, but it’s not discerably Catholic.  It is tied to organizations infused with leftist rhetoric on abortion, gay rights, contraception, and other things contrary to Church teaching.  And it should be disbanded, as it is irreformable.


One Response to “CCHD “Stations of the Cross” advertises for pro-gay marriage, pro-abort groups”

  1. Michael on March 12th, 2010 4:38 pm


    Within 24 hours of the release of Reform CCHD Now’s report on the CCHD’s Stations of the Cross (, it has been scrubbed from the website without explanation.

    Check it out! Here’s a cached version of the CCHD website, showing the links to the CCHD Stations of the Cross:

    And here’s what the website looks like now:

    Just look under the section titled “Lent”, and you’ll see the discrepancy.

    The first step to admitting guilt is to attempt a cover-up.

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