Monday, October 29, 2012

Judge Rules Obama Automatically Re-elected

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In a bizarre turn of events, just hours before the first presidential debate in Colorado, a federal judge has ruled that Obama does not have to even run for re-election, he can just remain in office for four additional years.  The judge, an Obama appointee, based his ruling on judicial precedent set in recent cases where courts struck down voter identification laws since the laws disenfranchised potential minority voters because they would have to prove they actually were who they said they were.  In his written opinion, the judge stated that it would be unfair to make Obama “prove” he deserves another four years in office because that proof would be too burdensome due to the sad state of the economy and the obvious rampant racism against Hawaiian born African American/Caucasians, resulting in Obama’s disenfranchisement.

Obama was asked about the judgement to which he responded, “It is not my fault but the fault of the previous administration or the 14 minute movie trailer blaspheming Islam.”  When an Obama aide stepped in and reminded the president that the ruling was a positive for him, he then took full credit and downplayed the judge’s role.  Mitt Romney on the other hand when asked about the ruling was unable to respond because he was placed under a gag order by another Obama-appointed judge and told he was barred from speaking at all because he is religious and therefore freedom of speech does not apply to him.  We did catch up with attorney general Eric Holder though while he was at a swanky medspa getting the bloodstains lasered off his hands from Fast and Furious, a medical procedure now covered for free under Obamacare, but Holder also was unable to respond because Obama claimed Executive Privilege over anything Holder could say that would be of use.  And media darling Bill Clinton, not to be outdone,  stated on Meet the Liberal Media, correction, I mean Meet the Press, that he still wasn’t sure what the outcome of the ruling is since it all depends on what the definition of “is” is. (343)

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Judge Rules Obama Automatically Re-elected

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