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Mass Intentions: 18-24 April 2015

In your charity please pray for:
Sat Apr 18 04:00 PM Intentions of Kerry Stout
Sun Apr 19 09:30 AM Intentions of William O’Neill
11:30 AM James Meletio +
Mon Apr 20 11:40 AM Intentions of Cesar Ortiz
12:15 PM Intentions of the Riley Family
Tue Apr 21 11:40 AM Robert …

The Breaking of the Bread

LUKE 24:35-48 describes an appearance of the risen Jesus to two disciples who are on their way to Emmaus (EM-mouse). Scholars usually identify this place with the Arab village of Amwas.
It is set on a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean. Jesus talks…

Mass Intentions: 4-10 April 2015

In your charity, please pray for:
Sat Apr 4 8:30 PM Intentions of the Saint Jude Chapel Community
Sun Apr 5 9:30 AM Intentions of the Saint Jude Chapel Community
11:30 AM Intentions of the Saint Jude Chapel Community
Mon Apr 6 11:40 AM Intentions of An…

Eighteen Questions on the Paschal Triduum

1. When does the Triduum begin and end?
The Easter Triduum begins with the evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, reaches its high point in the Easter Vigil, and closes with Evening Prayer on Easter Sunday.
2. May another Mass besides the Mass of …

How to Go to Confession

May the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of all the saints, whatever good you do and suffering you endure, heal your sins, help you grow in holiness,
and reward you with eternal life. Go in peace. …

Mass Intentions: 21-27 March 2015

In your charity, please pray for:
Sat Mar 21 04:00 PM Edward and Hanna Hughes +
Sun Mar 22 09:30 AM Sunny Morris +
11:30 AM James Gavigan +
Mon Mar 23 11:40 AM Salud Cambare +
12:15 PM Alessandra Alexandrou +
Tue Mar 24 11:40 AM Intentions of Liz and …

Third Sunday of Lent – March 7 – 8, 2015

1st Reading: Exodus 20:1-17
In those days, God delivered all these commandments:
“I, the LORD, am your God,
who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery.
You shall not have other gods besides me.
You shall not carve idols for yourselves
in the shape of anything …

Second Sunday of Lent – February 28 – March 1, 2015

1st Reading: Genesis 22:1-2, 9A, 10-13, 15-18
God put Abraham to the test.
He called to him, “Abraham!”
“Here I am!” he replied.
Then God said:
“Take your son Isaac, your only one, whom you love,
and go to the land of Moriah.
There you shall offer him up as a holocaust
on …

Lenten Norms for Abstinence

A reminder: – The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has determined that the following practice shall prevail in the United States.
All Fridays during Lent are days of obligatory abstinence from meat and from those foods made from meat.
This is what is minimally expected of all …

First Sunday of Lent – February 21-22, 2015

1st Reading: Genesis 9:8-15
God said to Noah and to his sons with him:
“See, I am now establishing my covenant with you
and your descendants after you
and with every living creature that was with you:
all the birds, and the various tame and wild animals
that were with you …

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