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Controlling the Catholic “Brand”

I was among three finalist for a staff position at a Catholic university a few years back.  This position was at the director level so I was being interviewed only by people that were at the Vice President level, Dean level, or above.  To my surprise, and disgust, I was interviewed by a Lutheran, and […]


I will be taking a GRE prep course over two Saturdays in March in order to pass the GRE and apply for acceptance to the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts at the University of Dallas to pursue a Masters of Psychology degree with a clinical concentration.  It is my goal to transition someday from […]

Judge Rules Obama Automatically Re-elected

In a bizarre turn of events, just hours before the first presidential debate in Colorado, a federal judge has ruled that Obama does not have to even run for re-election, he can just remain in office for four additional years.  The judge, an Obama appointee, based his ruling on judicial precedent set in recent cases […]

I am a Poor, Disabled, Unemployed American Indian

The debate circulating around homosexual so-called “marriage” is one where one side wants to retain the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, and the other side wants to redefine marriage as something other than that.  Even when the voters at the state level have approved measures that would retain the […]

For Obama’s Greater Glory

The movie For Greater Glory is about the suppression of religious freedom. The movie stars Hollywood “A list” actors Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria. While both actors are Catholic, Longoria has also chosen to be outspoken in politics serving as no less than the co-chair of Obama’s re-election campaign. While you might assume that as […]

Steak or Chicken? Fish Not on the Menu

Since Romney announced his pick of Catholic congressman Paul Ryan for his running mate, the blogosphere has been abuzz with commentary.  Most of the commentary has been positive.  Let’s face it, Romney could have done much worse in his pick from a Catholic perspective.  There were plenty of names thrown around that were wishy washy […]

Do Dissenters Lie When They Say the Creed?

As evidenced in poll after poll and election result after election result, there are tens of millions of Catholics in the U.S. that dissent from the doctrinal teachings of the Church when it comes to abortion, contraception, and gay so-called “marriage.”  My question is, do they just remain silent during the Nicene Creed during Mass or do they […]

Michael Moore Thinks Romney Will Win in November??

News Alert!!! Michael Moore is a raging liberal! No wait, that’s not the alert. News Alert!!! Michael Moore actually says conservatives are smart and that Romney will win in November! Yeah, that’s it. (0) Incoming search terms:michael moore catholicmichael moore says romney will winmichael moore thinks romney will winMichael Moore Ministriesmichael moore on romneymoore on […]

“Catholic” Blogger Calls the Church Founded by Christ an “Ass” and Prays for Schism

Let’s face it, many good Christians fall away from the Catholic Church due to poor catechesis.  It is understandable how they could leave if they don’t fully comprehend that our Lord and savior is present in the Eucharist, body, blood, soul, and divinity.  I would guess that many of those that leave the Church find […]

Saint John the Forerunner

Saint John the Forerunner Saint John the Forerunner is the name commonly given to Saint John the Baptist by our brethren in the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Those in the Eastern Orthodox Church believe that John the Baptist was the last of the Old Testament prophets and that he was the forerunner to Christ.  This belief […]

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