Beware - evangelicals trying to “save” you!

March 12, 2010

There is a veritable genre in modern religious publishing, that of evangelicals and other protestants attacking the beliefs of the Catholic faith.  Some guys, like Jack Chick, are just out and out crazy and reveal their bigotry plainly, whereas some are scholarly and have an edifice of respectability. 

From Chad Simpson here at, I was made aware of a new contribution to this genre, something called Escape From Paganism by Larry Ball.  It’s a book that exhorts protestants (I presume this is aimed primarily at evangelicals) to “save” Catholics from the error of our ways.  There are limited excerpts available online, and I failed to read anything that shattered my faith in the Church.  In the section on Mary, the author claims that the myth of Mary’s exalted status in the Church was initiated with an 8th century fantasy poem by a Monk in what is now Italy.  That’s interesting, because at the first Council of Ephesus in 431, the Church formally endorsed the dogma of Mary as Mother of God, and the future Mariology evolved from that belief.   The belief of Mary as Mother of God and as an intercessor for us had long predated that council.

I’m not going to read the book.  I’m not going to fisk what is available online.  I will state the following, however.  Books like this will sell a certain amount, and they will convince certain people to go on a mission to “save” Catholics.  Some of those missionaries will have success, because they will confront an ill-formed Catholic with what looks like a damning indictment of their faith.  And these missionaries will convince some to leave the Church.  If you are a faithful Catholic and love the Church, there is a ready means to defend yourself from these types of predation.  Learn your faith!  A well formed Catholic is an evangelical’s nightmare - a well formed Catholic can take apart any argument an evangelical will bring up, and at the very least completely frustrate their attempts at conversion.  With God’s grace, you may even be able to evangelize them, and bring them to the understanding that the Roman Catholic Church possesses the fullness of God’s Truth and is the Church Christ instituted to be His Body on Earth.  And that is a great thing.

Years ago, formation of this kind would have come through the Church.  Now, faithful Catholics need to arm themselves with the Armor of Truth, the Breastplate of Righteousness on their own if necessary.  There are many resources available.  One I cannot recommend highly enough is John Salza, his website, and his book The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith.   He has other books to draw from, as well.  If you improve your knowledge of the Faith with these resources, you can argue in support of your faith and establish the Truth that God reveals through His Church.  You can ask your evangelical friend why they deny John Chapter 6 in their rejection of the Eucharist, why they base justification on faith alone when the Bible makes in plain that works are necessary for our salvation in a system of grace, and why they deny the Authority that Jesus plainly invested in Peter and his successors.  Much of evangelical beliefs is based on individual scripture passages taken out of context, like one of their favorites, 2 Timothy 3:16, which they use to “prove” their belief in Sola Scriptura.  Salza takes these beliefs apart in very convincing fashion.  

There is also an excellent series of short books available from Fr. Frank Chacon that are more brief but less thorough than Salza’s work.  I recommend these highly as well. 

There are classes available to help grow your faith.  I teach one of these, at St. Mark in Plano.   I’ll try to announce when these will be starting up again in the fall. 

Don’t let yourself be bullied by well meaning but misinformed evangelicals!  We Catholics possess the fullness of Truth, and with God’s grace, we whould be evangelizing them!

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  1. toni on March 13th, 2010 12:48 pm

    Nice blog, thanks

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