As Parents We Must Demand a Plan That Protects Our Children In Schools

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I was browsing my Google+ groups today and came across this post by +Kimberley Blaine which includes this video: featuring several celebrities saying we can do more to stop gun violence. Here is my response, with links added for reference:
I was glad to see she posted it before I did, since she moderates the group and would more likely receive a more open discussion than I would have. I know this is a very controversial topic since the Newtown tragedy. However, as a parent of two young sons, I fully believe if the principal, a staff member was armed or an armed security guard were present that day 20 innocent lives would have been saved. I think it is worth considering putting armed security in our schools, since gun free zones have proven to be more dangerous than not. Look at cities like Chicago where gun control laws are in place, it is one of the strictest on gun control cities in the country, yet they have already had 500 deaths this year due to gun violence.

Criminals, thieves, and crazed people will break the laws, they don’t care about the law…they only care about their objective and getting away with it, if not fulfilling some vengeance and taking their own lives. You can’t control evil and bad people. It’s true what the NRA VP said, only a ‘good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun’. When you call the police to stop an armed robber do you expect them to show up without a gun?? Why wait minutes when you can provide that protection in seconds?? Do you expect our banks to protect our money without armed security?? Do  the President and other celebrities forgo armed protection for themselves or their children?? No…they all have armed security, they send their children to schools with armed protection, and when you call the police to stop a crime, you expect them to show up with a  gun. However, we as Americans and free citizens have the right to bear arms and the right to equal protection for our children. We can’t expect that the police will be there before the crime takes place…we don’t have a way to predict criminal behavior. By the time the police show up the crime has already been committed and most likely someone has already been harmed/killed.
Schools are putting themselves not only at risk for future violence, but more lawsuits if they are unable to protect our children and provide proper security. The first lawsuit regarding the Newtown shooting has already been filed.
The Connecticut Post reports:

The request, the first apparent litigation effort filed in the shootings, comes just two weeks after the death of 20 children and six educators.
Attorney Irving Pinsky sent a notice of claim and request for permission to sue the state to Claims Commissioner J. Paul Vance Jr. on Thursday on behalf of “Jill Doe, a minor child of six years of age and resident of Newtown, Connecticut.”
He is asking for $100 million on the child’s behalf and brings the claim through the child’s parents, cited as “John and Jane Doe.”
“I’m not releasing her name or her parents’ names,” Pinsky said Friday. “She’s a little girl and she’s suffered enough.”
Pinsky said he was contacted by the girl’s parents within days of the shootings and agreed to take the case because “we must stand together to protect our children. If we don’t, nothing will change.”
He hopes suits such as this would bring legislators to act to change gun control laws.
Pinsky cites in the claim that the child “was a student on the premises” of Sandy Hook Elementary School and heard “conversations, gunfire, and screaming” transmitted through the school’s intercom system on the day Adam Lanza attacked.
As a result, the child has “sustained emotional and psychological trauma and injury, the nature of the extent has yet to be determined,” the basis of claim reads.
“The State Board of Education, Connecticut Department of Education and State Commissioner of Education failed… to provide a safe school setting at Sandy Hook Elementary School,” the claim reads.
Also the state “failed to determine whether the Newtown Board of Education had in fact provided a safe school setting,” the intent claims.

We can not expect to do nothing as our children’s lives are at risk. While the chance of our children being victims to such a heinous crime is only about 1% in a school setting, why take the risk and deny law abiding citizens the right to self protection and gun ownership because only 1% of the population is willing to break the law and commit such crimes?? Laws don’t stop criminals…if they don’t buy the weapons they will steal them,as in the Newtown shooting: Adam Lanza stole his weapons from his mother, if they don’t buy the guns in the US they will buy them on the black market or in foreign countries, or they will find other means to harm people…such as with knives, bombs, etc. The best protection is self defense and self protection.
We can’t arm our kids, but we can arm those who care for our kids and spend a majority of their lives with them…[Since the Newtown shooting,]many teachers are getting training and arming themselves since the Newtown shooting. Other schools are planning on putting armed security in more schools, other states are planning to put at least one trained& armed staff member in each school, while some counties are planning to put volunteer, armed posse outside schools to secure the perimeter from suspicious activity. I think it’s time we secure our schools and do the best we can to keep our most precious and valuable resource protected,[ our children]. I have written about this quite a bit lately in response to a variety of articles here…  if you care to get more information on this topic. However, history has proven gun control laws don’t work and end up leaving law abiding citizens defenseless and has led to genocide in some countries.


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