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Roe v Wade Memorial in Dallas: Bishop Farrell, We must not lose hope

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Dallas, TX (MetroCatholic) – The weather was mild as thousands participated in the Roe v Wade memorial events that took place in Dallas this weekend. In fact, some estimates were as high as 5,000.

Buses began loading as early as 7:30 to bring participants from the cathedral to the Fairmont abortion clinic. As the people got off of the buses, they began to pray the Rosary and sing hymns. Their voices, calm and peaceful, sounded in unison as bus after bus after bus rolled in with more participants.


Later that morning, they would return to the cathedral where Bishop Kevin Farrell and priests of the Dallas and Fort Worth Dioceses concelebrated Mass. Many of those who participated did so standing in overflow areas, and some did so outside. Bishop Farrell, noting that although disappointments may be ahead, said that the Faithful must persevere and never lose hope. He especially thanked the youth who participated and said that future memorials should become family events. He went on to remind those who would be marching after Mass that the march itself was to be prayerful. He said there “is no place for anything offensive” in the prayerful activities that take place in the memorial events. 

After Mass, there was Eucharistic adoration, followed by a rally and then the march to the Earl Cabell Federal Building, where Roe v Wade was first filed. The ecumenical march was smooth and peaceful, as was the rally that followed in front of the Cabell building. Flags, banners, signs, and shirts with pro-life logos seemed to be everywhere. Speakers at the rally included Dr. Jack Hatcher, Vice President of Christ for the Nations, Pastor Robert Jeffress and Ann Hettinger of First Baptist Church, Dallas, and Texas Senator Dan Patrick. 

Afterwards, many of the participants enjoyed a “box lunch” reception and Pro-Life “InfoFair” at the First Baptist Church, Dallas.



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2 Responses to “Roe v Wade Memorial in Dallas: Bishop Farrell, We must not lose hope”

  1. [...] participation in the Roe v Wade Memorial events in Dallas has never been higher. While there was some secular media coverage, it was not what one would [...]

  2. John Schuh says:

    Indeed, we must not be “offensive,” or disrespectful in the way that the Pro-choivers” often are. But as Father Groeschel said on EWTN last night, we have not declared war on Barack Obama, but he has declared war on the pro-life movement. Despite what some bishops might have hoped, he means what he says. The $350 million dollars he is giving to Planned Parenthood, his executive orders, mean that he is determined fully to fund the Pro-choice agenda. So, to the bishops who have been holding back: Doctor King did NOT
    go toe Birmingham to lead a Civil rights crusade. Indeed, his church got rid of the previous pastor because he was militant. Bur rather he was pushed into the role of leadership that he took on with fear and trembling. The hero is not the man who rashing rushes into battle, but prudent man who takes counsel of his fears-and then takes up the sword.

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