MetroCatholic’s CEO to appear on the Mike Gallagher show on Memorial Day

May 30, 2010

On Memorial Day 2010, MetroCatholic’s co-founder and CEO, Chad Simpson, will be appearing on The Mike Gallagher Show, the sixth-most-popular radio show in the country.  Chad will be discussing immigration “reform” with Vicki Middleton and Republican congressional nominee, Pastor Stephen Broden during the Memorial Day Tea Party.  Tune in to 660 AM in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or click below to listen live online between 8 and 11 AM:

TX Catholic Voice: New Voice System, Episcopal Administrator Appointed to San Antonio

May 29, 2010

This week’s Voice includes information on an update to our new email newsletter system, as well as an update on the Archdiocese of San Antonio and a statement from the Bishops on amendments to the Health Care Law.

National Right to Life Committee Urges U.S. House to Reject ‘Disclose Act’ as ‘A Corruption of the Lawmaking Power’

May 28, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (MetroCatholic) -  The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the federation of right-to-life organizations in all 50 states, today urged the U.S. House of Representatives to reject the “DISCLOSE Act” (H.R. 5175), which it called a “bullying political power grab,” which is “not a curb on corruption, but itself a type of corruption — a corruption of the lawmaking process, by which incumbent lawmakers employ the threat of criminal sanctions, among other deterrents, to reduce the amount of private speech regarding the actions of the lawmakers themselves.”  NRLC said that it would include the dispositive roll calls on the measure in its scorecard of key votes for the current Congress.

The four-page letter, signed by NRLC Executive Director David N. O’Steen and Legislative Director Douglas Johnson, said that the bill “has been carefully crafted to maximize short-term political benefits for the dominant faction of one political party, while running roughshod over the First Amendment protections for political speech that have been clearly and forcefully articulated by the U.S. Supreme Court.”  The letter discusses a number of ways in which the legislation is designed to “to discourage, as much as possible, disfavored groups (such as NRLC) from communicating about officeholders, by exposing citizens who support such efforts to harassment and intimidation, and by smothering organizations in layer on layer of record keeping and reporting requirements, all backed by the threat of civil and criminal sanctions.”  The letter suggests that the bill be amended to clarify that “DISCLOSE” actually stands for “Deterring Independent Speech about Congress except by Labor Organizations and Selected Elites.”

The House Democratic leadership had apparently intended to bring the bill to the House floor tomorrow (May 28), but — faced by a rising chorus of protests from a broad array of organizations — has now postponed floor action until the week of June 7.

The letter is available here:

NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson  and Senior Legislative Counsel Susan T.  Muskett, J.D. are available to provide comment and analysis of the “DISCLOSE Act.”  Please contact the NRLC Communications Department at (202) 626-8825 to arrange an interview.

The National Right to Life Committee is the nation’s largest pro-life group, with affiliates in all 50 states and over 3,000 local chapters nationwide. 

Catholic Charities Cites Lack of Nationwide Donations for Oil Spill and Nashville Flood Victims

May 28, 2010

Human Need Similar to Katrina and Haiti, but Response Not Forthcoming to Date

ALEXANDRIA, VA (MetroCatholic) -  Catholic Charities USA, among the largest human services and disaster response organizations in the country, reported today that it is not seeing nationwide donations for the Gulf Coast oil spill and the Nashville floods at anywhere near the levels of Katrina, Haiti, American Samoa and numerous other natural disasters.

“While our local Catholic Charities’ agencies in New Orleans and Nashville are fully engaged and receiving strong local and institutional support (Catholic Charities of New Orleans received $1 million from British Petroleum), we are not seeing the generosity of individual Americans across-the-board,” said Rev. Larry Snyder, President and CEO of Catholic Charities USA. “Frankly, Nashville’s flood devastation has been somewhat overshadowed by the oil spill, and the entire Gulf Coast situation has been more of a business story and technology remediation story than anything that truly portrays the human impact. The good hearts of our country have not been touched in a way to feel a need to contribute.”

Catholic Charities USA, the national office for the 170 different Catholic Charities agencies around the country and perhaps the most experienced and responsible disaster relief organization following its well-known Katrina work, normally receives donations directly which in turn are passed along to the agencies and areas in need. To date, it has only received two gifts totaling $520.00 for Gulf oil spill assistance and relief, and minimal donations designated to help Nashville.

“This is unusual-and in the oil spill case, it’s a much bigger problem than just New Orleans. That’s why we feel it’s important to let the public know that just because there are not as many immediate scenes of human physical suffering doesn’t mean there is any less need,” Fr. Snyder continued. “Economic impact is felt one human being at a time and overall the impact of these disasters could reach greater proportions than others.”

Donations can be made to 1-800-919-9338 and at  and are critical at this time. Contributors, as witnessed with Katrina, know they can count on Catholic Charities to be fiscally responsible and to do the work and perform the services for which the gifts are intended.

Family Values — World Congress of Families Conference Opens in London Next Week

May 28, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (MetroCatholic) - The Family Values Conference, which is also a World Congress of Families Regional Congress, will take place at the Baden Powell House, 65-67 Queen’s Gate, South Kensington, London, June 2-3.

The two-day conference, run in conjunction with National Family Week in the United Kingdom, will focus on such timely topics as: The Sanctity of Life, Faith as the Underpinning of the Family, Pornography and the Family, The Family - Social Construction or Natural Phenomenon?, Declining Birthrates: The Philosophical Roots of Demographic Winter, Is There Hope for Marriage and Families in the 21st Century?, Building Strong Marriages for the Future - Why Marriage Is Not Optional, The Fight Against Compulsory Sex Education in England, Strengthening Motherhood - the African Perspective, and Educating for Strong Families.

A distinguished array of speakers, both local and international, will bring their expertise to bear on these vital issues. They include:

  --  Edward Adamus - Catholic Diocese of Westminster
  --  Brenda Almond - Professor of Moral and Social Policy, University of
  --  Bryan Appleyard - The Buddhist Society
  --  Christopher Carmouche - GrassTopsUSA
  --  Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D. - Concerned Women for America and World
      Congress of Families Management Committee
  --  Paul Diamond - Barrister, Christian Legal Centre
  --  Don Feder - Communications Director, World Congress of Families
  --  Dr. Farooq Hassan - Distinguished Jurist, Pakistan Family Forum
  --  Larry Jacobs - Managing Director, World Congress of Families
  --  Amy King - The Front Page Campaign
  --  Theresa Okafor - Life League Nigeria and Foundation for African
      Cultural Heritage
  --  Vivienne Pattison - Media Watch UK
  --  Sharon Slater - Family Watch International
  --  John Smeaton - Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
  --  Christine Vollmer - Alliance for the Family (Latin America and
      Europe), the Pontifical Council on the Family and a member of the
      Management Committee, World Congress of Families

World Congress of Families International Secretary Dr. Allan C. Carlson commented: “We are delighted to be associated with this historic event in the heart of the United Kingdom. The Family Values Conference/World Congress of Families Regional Congress will unite those with diverse skills, as well as individuals from many faith backgrounds, in defense of the natural family. We hope this Conference will be the beginning of a national dialogue on how best to promote family values in the United Kingdom.”

To register on line, go to . For more information, contact Vanessa Theed at [email protected]  or 07740 431810.

For more information on World Congress of Families, visit .

The World Congress of Families (WCF) is an international network of pro-family organizations, scholars, leaders and people of goodwill from more than 60 countries that seek to restore the natural family as the fundamental social unit and the ’seedbed’ of civil society (as found in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948). The WCF was founded in 1997 by Allan Carlson and is a project of The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society in Rockford, Illinois ( To date, there have been five World Congresses of Families - Prague (1997), Geneva (1999), Mexico City (2004) and Warsaw, Poland (2007). The fifth World Congress of Families was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 10-12, 2009 ( and ).

Is Natural Family Planning Really Safer than the Birth Control Pill?

May 28, 2010

GLENVIEW, IL (MetroCatholic) - The below is from the May/June issue of “Family Foundations,” a publication of the Couple to Couple League.

THEY SAY: At the American Cancer Society web site, a January 2008 article called “Birth Control Pill Use Cuts Ovarian Cancer Risk” analyzes a comprehensive study published in The Lancet. This study found that the longer a woman takes the birth control pill, the lower her risk for ovarian cancer. Why not take the pill if it has preventative effects?

THE FACTS: While the pill may help lower the risk of ovarian cancer, even the authors of this article accept that increased risk of both cervical cancer and breast cancer have been linked to long-term use of the birth control pill, and the evidence of these links is stronger than this article acknowledges.

In an article on the One More Soul web site called “Breast Cancer Risk from the Pill,” Dr. Chris Kahlenborn delves deeper into this connection. He cites a Mayo Clinic meta-analysis indicating that women who took an oral contraceptive before the birth of their first child incurred an increased risk – by as much as 52 percent – of developing pre-menopausal breast cancer. Hormonal contraceptives may decrease the risk of ovarian cancer, but studies indicate that they significantly increase the risk for breast and cervical cancers.

As for the natural methods, there are absolutely no adverse health effects.

* * *
Sign up for a membership at Couple to Couple League International at, and receive “Family Foundations.”

Natural Family Planning Classes Taught

The next series of classes in Natural Family Planning in northeast Illinois will begin Friday, June 4, 2010 at 6:30 pm at Holy Cross Church in Batavia, taught by Jill and Dustin Schadt.

To register, and for a list of classes throughout the U.S., go to CCL International at Chicago area class information is at .

Masculinity, Marriage, and Sexuality to Be Discussed on CatholicTV Talk Show

May 28, 2010

WATERTOWN, MA (MetroCatholic) - On June 8, Fr. James Farfaglia will be interviewed on the live CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day”. Fr. Farfaglia will discuss ideas from his book “Man to Man”.

Man to Man explores what it means to be a man and covers topics such as masculinity, sexuality, and leadership. The subtitle of the book is: A Real Priest Speaks to Real Men about Marriage, Sexuality and Family Life. Father Farfaglia encourages men to be everyday heroes.

Fr. Farfaglia felt a powerful inspiration to write the book after waking up late one Sunday night. He knew that he needed to get away to write the book and literally went away to an island to work on the book.

This is the Day airs at 10:30AM ET at and on CatholicTV. The show is rebroadcast at 7:30PM.

Father Farfaglia is presently the pastor of St. Helena of the True Cross of Jesus Catholic Church, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Aside from his duties at St. Helena’s, Father Farfaglia has his own internet ministry. In 2002, he developed his own electronic parish. His homilies have been frequently featured on Catholic Exchange and Spirit Daily. Father Farfaglia is also the spiritual advisor to Hope House, a home for unwed mothers and he was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Human Life International.

More information about Fr. Farfaglia and his book can be found at:

Episodes of This is the Day are posted on the site’s archives starting the same night of the broadcast day. All videos at the website are viewable in full-screen. Paste this URL into your browser in order to access the “This is the Day” video archives.  

CatholicTV broadcasts across the US on Sky Angel channel 142, and selected cable outlets in New England and in Chattanooga (TN) where CatholicTV is available on FiTV channel 153. To find out where to watch CatholicTV visit:  

CatholicTV is a nationally-broadcasted television network streaming a live feed 24 hours a day at Heeding Pope Benedict XVI’s call to greater utilize the power of television and new media, the CatholicTV Network features its cable TV station, Catholic web site, mobile apps and widget. Celebrate Mass online; pray The Rosary; enjoy programs on prayer, the saints, the Scriptures and the Catholic Church on America’s Catholic Television Network.

“This is the Day” can also be seen on demand at or downloaded via The hosts, Director of CatholicTV, Father Robert Reed, and General Manager, Jay Fadden discuss various topics of the week and respond to viewer mail (you may email the show at [email protected] )


May 27, 2010

VATICAN CITY (VIS) - Today in the Vatican’s Synod Hall, the Holy Father met with participants in the general assembly of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), who are meeting from 24 to 28 May to consider their general pastoral guidelines for the period 2010 - 2020.

“The Holy Spirit guides the Church in the world and in history”, said the Pope. “Thanks to this gift from the Risen One, the Lord remains present in midst of historical events. It is through the Spirit that we can recognise the meaning of human vicissitudes in Christ”.

“Supported by the Spirit and continuing down the path shown us by Vatican Council II, in particular with the pastoral guidelines of the last decade, you have chosen to adopt education as the principal theme for the next ten years. This temporal horizon is proportioned to the importance and breadth of educational requirements, which call on us to take responsibility for the new generations with a united, integral and harmonious witness which helps us to think, propose and live the truth, beauty and goodness of the Christian experience”.

Benedict XVI went on to speak of modern culture, where sometimes “the dignity of the person, the value of life, and the very meaning of truth and goodness” are placed in doubt, and where “nothing beyond the individual is recognised as definitive”. In this situation “it becomes arduous and difficult to present new generations with the ‘bread’ of truth’ for which it is worth spending one’s life and accepting, when necessary, the rigour of discipline and the fatigue of commitment.

“Though aware of the weight of these difficulties”, the Holy Father added, “we cannot resign ourselves to lack of confidence and despair. Education has never been easy, but we must not surrender for we would fail in the mandate the Lord Himself entrusted to us when He called us to feed His sheep with love. … Education means forming new generations that they may know how to relate to the world, strengthened by a significant memory, by a shared inner patrimony of real knowledge which, while recognising the transcendent goal of life, guides thoughts, emotions and judgements”.

Pope Benedict continued: “The inner thirst of the young is a call for meaning, for authentic human relationships which can help them not to feel alone in the face of life’s challenges. … Our response is to announce God, the friend of man Who in Jesus approached each one of us. The transmission of the faith is an indispensable part of the integral formation of the person. … The personal meeting with Jesus is the key to understanding God’s relevance in everyday life”.

The Pope explained how “the quality of our witness remains a decisive factor” in the duty to educate in families, schools and parishes.

Going on them to mention “the weakness and sin” of some members of the Church, he highlighted how “this humble and painful admission must not, however, make us forget the gratuitous and zealous service of many believers, first among them, priests. The special year dedicated to the clergy has sought to be an opportunity to promote their interior renewal as a condition for more incisive evangelical and ministerial commitment”.

“What gives rise to scandal must, for us, translate into a profound reminder of the need to re-learn penance and accept purification; to learn, on the one hand, forgiveness and, on the other, the need for justice”.

Benedict XVI encouraged the bishops “never to lose faith in the young. … Frequent all areas of life”, he told them, “including those of the new communications technologies which now permeate culture in all its expressions. It is not a question of adapting the Gospel to the world, but of drawing from the Gospel that perennial novelty which, in all times, enables us to find the best way to announce the Word that does not fail, fecundating and serving human life. Let us, then, again present the young with the exalted and transcendent measure of life as vocation”.

Referring then to the “current cultural, spiritual and economic crisis”, the Pope concluded by renewing his call “to the leaders of public life and to business people to do everything they can to lessen the effects of the employment crisis. I exhort everyone to reflect on the premises of a good and meaningful life, which lie at the basis of that authoritativeness which alone educates”.

PP telemed abortions plus Obamacare threaten huge increase in abortions

May 27, 2010

Stafford, VA , American Life League’s STOPP project

Some 200 pro-life advocates gathered outside Planned Parenthood in Cedar Rapids on May 25 to protest the appearance of PPFA President Cecile Richards at PP of East Central Iowa’s 30th anniversary celebration, and to draw attention to the fact that PP is committing abortions in Iowa without a doctor present, in violation of Iowa law.

Because of the firestorm of publicity surrounding the protest and revelation about the “telemed” abortions, Richards was forced to address the issue.

Steve Brody, of Dubuque County Right to Life reports: “While in town, Ms. Richards made two important announcements. The first is that the telemed abortions that Planned Parenthood pioneered in the Des Moines area is included in a strategic plan to go nationwide by 2015. This involves dispensing RU-486, the abortion pill, to patients via teleconferencing methods with a doctor not located physically at the same facility. The second announcement is that Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa has agreed to sign onto the program, thus bringing abortions to Cedar Rapids and Dubuque.”

“We are the single biggest provider of reproductive health care in America and, again, I think because of the new health care law that is only going to grow,” Richards told the Iowa Independent, as she touted the expected onslaught of women expected to frequent PP as the result of Obamacare.  The potential increase in abortions that will occur if her plan to expand telemed abortions throughout the nation, couple with the onslaught of business expected to be provided to PP via Obamacare, is staggering.

A PP You Tube video demonstrates how the abortions are initiated.  The abortionist at a remote location is pictured asking the young lady via videoconferencing if she is ready to take her medication, and he pops open a drawer that contains two bottles of pills, one of which will be taken at the PP facility and the other taken when she is home, without medical support, hours later.  The first pill in intended to kill the child and the second pill begins the grueling labor and delivery of the dead baby at home, again without medical support.

Pro-lifers in Iowa and throughout the nation are called to be vigilant about telemed abortions and to challenge those committing them with protests while insisting on investigation by the state medical board.  With so many lives at stake, it becomes even more urgent that local communities implement our plan for stopping Planned Parenthood.

Bishop Oscar Cantú named Apostolic Administrator for Archdiocese of San Antonio

May 27, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI, through the Vatican’s Congregation of Bishops, has named Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantú Apostolic Administrator for the Archdiocese of San Antonio. The appointment is effective May 26, 2010 as Archbishop José Gomez vacates his seat as Archbishop of San Antonio and assumes his position as coadjutor archbishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA. The announcement was made by Apostolic Nuncio, Pietro Sambi, the Vatican’s ambassador and its liaison to the Catholic Church in the United States.

While there are limitations placed on the apostolic administrator by church law, Bishop Cantú will generally have the same authority and responsibilities as an archbishop. Cantú will hold this office on an interim basis, until the new archbishop is named by the Pope, which could take six to twelve months.

Upon learning of his appointment, Bishop Cantú said, “I thank the Congregation for Bishops for the confidence they have placed in me to serve as caretaker of the ministry and mission of the Church of the Archdiocese of San Antonio. I pledge to ensure that the services to our parishes and the ministry of the Church will continue uninterrupted and that I will carry on the good work of Archbishops Gomez and Flores. I ask that you join me in prayer that a new archbishop will be named soon.”

Bishop Cantú was ordained auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of San Antonio on June 2, 2008 at St. Mark the Evangelist Church, San Antonio by Archbishop Gomez. He has overseen the Office of Catholic Schools and the Office of Youth Ministry, and The Office of Education and Adult Formation, while working closely with pastors and parishes in a variety of roles, and assisting Archbishop Gomez in carrying out his many official and pastoral duties. He also served as pastor of Holy Trinity Parish in San Antonio.

Bishop Cantú, a Houston native, was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Houston?Galveston in May of 1994. He served in a number of parishes in the Houston Metropolitan area. He also taught at the University of St. Thomas School of Theology and the University of St. Thomas at St. Mary’s Seminary.

Coadjutor Archbishop Gomez will aid Cardinal Roger M. Mahony in the governance of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and would take his place if he is absent or impeded. He will succeed the cardinal as archbishop upon his reaching retirement age on February 27, 2011.


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