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The Love Story You Were Made For

THE LOVE STORY YOU WERE MADE FOR All women have a heart for romance and love. This is because they are (generally) in touch with their emotions and the longings of their hearts. The longing to be loved. The longing to love another. But, our culture says this love is reduced to sex and sex […]

DFWCatholic “Recommended Reads”

15 Bad College Student Habits!

Working with college students for as long as I have, I have noticed a LOT of bad habits. But, these have to be some of the worst. 15 Bad College Student Habits Texting and Driving. I see you. Everyone sees you. In fact, I think I saw a dozen students texting and driving while coming […]

DFWCatholic “Recommended Reads”

4 Major Takeaways From Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit

No, I wasn’t able to go see Pope Francis live. But, last week was a special one anyway, due to Pope Francis’ visit to our country. He spoke directly to our leaders, both political and religious. He spoke to families, the poor, religious and priests, and even victims of abuse. He spoke to you and […]