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15 Signs You Are Catholic

15 Signs You Are Catholic You are nice enough to save the pews in the front of church for the late-comers. (You also save the comfy middle part of the pew for others). You can follow every prayer in Mass, regardless of what language it is in. You have given up something sweet for Lent…at […]

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10 Ways Christians Can Transform Modern Culture

10 Ways Christians Can Transform The Modern Culture Work on yourself first. The only thing we fully control are our own personal decisions. So, if we want to have any influence over culture or see any positive changes happen, we need to work on our own lives first. The best way to change your life […]

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An Open Letter To The Gay Community – From A Catholic

Dear Gay Community, I am sorry. I am sorry that members of my Catholic Church (and other Christians) have not treated you with the love and respect you deserve, because we don’t agree with you on same-sex marriage or other issues. Because we disagree, that isn’t a reason to lash out at you, be triumphant, castigate […]

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Is Being A “Good” Person Enough To Gain Heaven?

Is Being A “Good” Person Enough To Gain Heaven? AKA – Universalism Kills Evangelization AKA – Why Many Christians Don’t Evangelize Surveys now show us that most Christians actually operate as Universalists – that is they believe that being a “good person” will get you to heaven. Thus, many Christians now believe in what could at least […]

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Is Tolerance A Good Thing?

Words have meaning. Thoughts have consequences. Unfortunately, these are important concepts that have escaped some. Take, for instance, the word “tolerance”. In modern use, it has a unique meaning to some and a completely different meaning to others. The result behind the differing definitions of the word, mean that by subscribing to one definition above-and-over […]

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The Charlie Challenge: Is It Just Harmless Fun?

If you haven’t heard about the Charlie Challenge (also called “Charlie Charlie”), then you haven’t been keeping up with the viral trends on Vine and Twitter. It is a new phenomenon which has quickly taken over teen culture. The way to play the “game” is to make four sections of a square on a piece of paper with […]

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