Why We’re Not Going Anywhere

Archdiocese launches Campaign for Religious Liberty

Let me explain, in as clear and precise terms as I can, why social conservatives are not going anywhere, nor should they go anywhere, but should remain right at the heart of the conservative movement and gain acceptance among libertarians as well, and should reject as the foolish garbage that it is all suggestions to the contrary.

First, our principles are not electoral losers. Leftists believe they are on “the right side of history”, comparing the campaign for “marriage equality” with every civil rights struggle of past eras. They believe that this fact is reflected in the way the youth vote splits and the purported reasons why. At the same time, they gloat and brag about the size of the Democratic share of the minority vote.

The merits of the “marriage equality” campaign don’t need to be discussed here. I’ve discussed them to death on this blog in previous posts. The fact remains that minorities are opposed to “marriage equality.” If Hispanics can be won over to the GOP on the immigration issue, it will put a stop to this “wrong side of history” nonsense for a generation. The uncomfortable alliance between racial minorities who hold socially conservative views and white liberals will finally be blown apart. Unlike them, when racial minorities finally do side with the GOP en masse, we won’t attribute white liberal hatred for them to “racism” (even though it sure looks like it sometimes). This is a battle of values, not skin colors, and a failure to see that is one of the reasons why the white liberal left will never win the future they mistakenly believe to be theirs.

Second, the Obama regime has made an enemy of the Catholic Church. I do happen to agree with those commentators who believe that “the Catholic vote” doesn’t exist anymore, due to the widespread heresy and apostasy among people who continue to identify as “Catholic.” But it is not “the Catholic vote” that the Church’s continued opposition to the Obama regime will ignite. As the battle lines become more clear, people of all religious faiths and even those with no religious faith at all who value the rights of their fellow citizens will rally to our side, and in fact are already doing so. The HHS mandate is being challenged in several dozen lawsuits, and two injunctions have been granted to plaintiffs on the grounds that they have a reasonable chance of demonstrating its violation of their First Amendment rights.

I have nothing but contempt for those cowards who want to drive social conservatives out of the conservative movement at the hour they are facing down the unjust laws of the Obama regime. This is the same regime that was so arrogant and hateful of religious institutions that it sought to control how churches ordain priests and ministers, and was defeated 9-0 by the Supreme Court. I expect hypocrisy and hate from the left, which speaks of “liberation” and “equality” as it seeks to demote religious citizens to second and third-class status; from people who call themselves conservatives it is enough to make one sick.

As for libertarians, it is in their vital interest to support and join our fight. This is not about personal approval or disapproval of what people do with their genitals or any political effort to mandate such things for the unwilling. This is about our right to exist as authentic believers outside the four walls of the Church, a right guaranteed by the Constitution and bled for by generations of Americans. Anyone who calls themselves a “libertarian” and supports the trodding under of states’ rights, private property, and the First Amendment is either a phony or is hopelessly ignorant of the real issues at stake.

Just as it has throughout its entire history, the Church is attempting to check the will of would-be tyrants. The Church has the potential to become the greatest symbol of resistance to Obamunism in the United States, but only if cowards and phonies are exposed for what they are and they are driven out. The lines wrapped around Chick-fil-A’s around the country were mostly attributable to popular outrage that private citizens and businesses would be persecuted for expressing their sincerely-held religious beliefs. Only an insane, self-loathing party of morons would disregard that.

Third, as I have said before, the problem is not with our values, but with their articulation. The Akins and Mourdocks are not inevitable, and though they may be fine men in their personal lives, they ought to be ruthlessly purged from politics and replaced with people who know the tricks and traps of the leftist media. A conservative walking into any media interview ought to go in prepared for a violent rhetorical battle and not expect anything but the most uncharitable treatment. They ought to be ready to articulate a clear and defensible position, and fend off questions designed to lead into electoral gaffes that profit the Democrats. Such training ought to somehow become mandatory, because it is absolutely necessary given the overt, naked, and shameless political agenda of the media. We cannot send one more fool into battle on our behalf.

Let me sum it up for Americans who care about liberty and are distraught over the encroachments of the Obama regime: our fight is your fight. We are not fighting for something conjured up in the hysterical imaginations of demented liberals, namely the power to tell people how to live their lives. We couldn’t do that if we wanted to, and we don’t. We are fighting for our First Amendment rights, for our private property rights, and for the rights of the states under the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This fight affects everyone.

If you abandon us now, you will find yourselves alone when the regime and whatever monstrosity follows after it comes after the things you value. First they came for the churches. Will you say nothing?


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