Who Wants To Be Creeped Out?

If so, then watch this video – a Happy 40th Anniversary video celebrating the Roe V Wade decision. It is really creepy, yet it teaches us something. The mindset of those that support abortion is not shared with Pro-lifers. Just don’t watch it if you don’t want to be creeped out.

Remember, abortion supporters believe they are fighting for women.
They truly believe that sex is a commodity that needs to be free of natural consequences.

To change their hearts, we have to know where they are coming from.

Having  pictures of dismembered babies is going to change very few hearts. They don’t see babies, they see burdens.

Throwing accusations of “murder” “holocaust” and such won’t work. They believe themselves crusaders for justice and equal rights. The other side knows this, so be careful in what you say. But, also know that they see poor women who get pregnant, and are already struggling, and ask how someone could put the burden of caring for another child in their lap? Words matter. Social Justice matters, esp. for women and their children, who suffer most from the negative effects of the sexual revolution.

When we address the problem of abortion and talk to supporters of it, do not denigrate them, they are not the enemy. There is only one enemy and he is actively working to get all of us to hell.

When we fight for the dignity of the unborn, don’t forget to see and love the dignity of those that oppose the pro-life movement. Take the high road.

As an answer to the creepy video, I offer this one:


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