Who really deserves to be stomped on?

Across the state from Florida Gulf Coast University—so far, this year’s “March Madness” Cinderella team—a student at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), Ryan Rotella, claims to have been suspended from his Intercultural Communications class. The problem? According to CBS12 News, Rotella is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  His professor, Dr. Deandre Poole, […]


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  1. This is just the beginning of Christian persecution. Watch “The Moment After” a old, low budget movie on You Tube.

    It’s coming folks.

    This is a precursor of things to come.

    Stomp on Yeshua (Jesus) – and honor Muhammad, Allah and Krishna, the false prophets.

    Poole and the whole administration of FAU should be fired.

    This was like writing nigg** on a piece of paper and stomping on it.

    America has truly embraced satanism. It is in our movies, books, even our sports “entertainment ceremonies”.

    IF you are a real Christian you will rise up and let your voices be heard that this is not acceptable.

    If you are a milk toast / pretend Christian you will just ignore this slap on the face of Yeshua and ignore prejudice against Christianity.

    Notice Professor Poole did not have his students write Muhammad, Allah, Buddha or Krisha – Poole and his text book singled out Jesus.

    Nobody should disrespect another’s religion as long as that religion is of love and getting along.

    Yeshua spoke of love, not judging and keeping the Commandments of His Father.

    FAU should be reprimanded. Their higher up administration should have reviewed the text book and Poole’s “exercises”.

    We Christians, the real ones, are being discriminated against.

    Our government and military are embracing satan.

    Now it appears our colleges are like wise embracing satan.

    This is not freedom of speech, it is discrimination of one religion, Christianity.

  2. BTW: I was in the occult for 30 years. Like taking a voo doo doll and sticking pins in it, taking and writing a name, and placing it on the floor and stomping on it does two things.

    1) It creates a mindset that the name on the paper is worthless, of no meaning.

    2) It is a occult ritual to stomp / control over and to destroy the name ones name is sacred).

    What Poole had his student do was a occult ritual.

    Christians, if you are real Christians should be outraged.

    I demand Poole be fired and wonder about whom wrote the book and the publishing company that allowed this garbage into our colleges.

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