Spanking and Abortion

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Back in 1967 my maternal grandmother, who was a formidable lady, visited my family.  While there she saw my mother give me a well earned slap.  I was 10 at the time.  My grandmother called my mom a savage.  My mother, also a formidable lady, responded that if she did not discipline me when I was young, I would be the savage after I grew up, respecting nothing and no one.  Wise woman my mother.

My bride and I used spanking sparingly with our three kids when they were  younger, along with other disciplinary techniques.  Spanking was usually reserved for repeated disobedience, or the children engaging in activity which could be dangerous to them.  I am biased of course, but I think that our kids turned out rather well.  In regard to being a parent, discipline without love can descend into mere brutality.  Love without discipline is a sure and proven path to producing spoiled adults.  Giving neither discipline nor love to a child is simply catastrophic.

The Washington Post has a story that advocates banning spanking:

George Holden envisions a world without spanking. No more paddling in the principal’s office. No more swats on little rear ends, not even — and here is where Holden knows he is staring up at a towering cliff of parental rights resistance — not even in the privacy of the home. When it comes to disciplining a child, Holden’s view is absolute: No hitting.

“We don’t like to call it spanking,” said Holden, a professor of psychology at Southern Methodist University and head of a newly formed organization aimed at eliminating corporal punishment in the United States. “Spanking is a euphemism that makes it sound like hitting is a normal part of parenting. If we re-label it hitting, which is what it is, people step back and ask themselves, ‘Should I be hitting my child?’ ”

For centuries, of course, the answer to that question has been yes for a huge majority of families. We’ve been unsparing of the rod, spanking our children just as we were spanked by our parents. And there’s precious little evidence to suggest we feel much differently today. While the percentage of parents who say it’s okay to occasionally spank a child has declined marginally in recent years, that “acceptability level” still hovers between 65 percent and 75 percent nationally.

And surveys that measure actual behavior reveal even higher rates of moms and dads willing to whack. Depending on how you ask the question, most surveys show that between 70 percent and 90 percent of parents in this country spank their kids at least once during childhood. In 2013 America, spanking a child is about as common as vaccinating one.


But Holden and a growing number of children’s advocates still believe the time is right for a serious effort to end corporal punishment. For some in the burgeoning stop-hitting movement, the goal is nothing less than a total legal ban on spanking in all settings, as has been passed by 33 nations in Europe, Latin America and Africa (soon to be 34 when Brazil becomes the largest country to outlaw spanking in final action expected this year).

Go here to read the rest.  Some of the comments are a hoot:

You mean you’ll continue to bully and intimidate your child in the privacy of your own home. Hurting a child is inexcusable behavior. You have to be pretty dumb to not be able to shape a young person’s behavior with resorting to force. Hopefully when your kids grow up they’ll pay you back with some elder abuse.


Freedom to bully and beat a human a quarter of your size. Yeah… I would happily expand the prison system for apes like you.
Spanking teaches just one thing, big people can hit little people, but little people can not hit big people.
What I find truly bizarre about this, is that I would assume that most of the anti-spanking commenters are pro-aborts.  It is alright for a mother to kill her child in utero, but the State must ban all spanking of kids?  This article underlines the morally chaotic times in which we live in which people can argue simultaneously that a constitutional right exists to kill kids prior to birth and that the State after birth must intervene to prevent parents from exercising any physical discipline over their kids.  This would be funny if the consequences of all of this were not so lethal in millions of lives destroyed by abortion and millions of lives destroyed by parents who abdicate their responsibility as parents to the State.



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