So what happened to “safe-sex”?

It is interesting how the “safe-sex” advocates have been much less vocal. Sure you hear it discussed still, but nowhere like before.

Previously I noticed in the whole free birth control pill debate that condoms and safe-sex seemed to fall off the radar. We were constantly told how sex was so safe with condoms. That they were effective for both decease protection and birth control. Yet here was a giant push for ree birth control pills.

A big part of the whole safe-sex spinup was of course HIV/AIDS. So with this topic not being such a frenzied concern now you would think that all threats of sexually-transmitted diseases were gone.

I was listening to Al Kresta’s show recently where he talked with Dr Meg Meeker about the human papilloma virus. This was spurred by actor Michael Douglas’s admission that his throat cancer was caused by this sexually spread virus.

Yet the community that spread the false gospel of safe-sex are not again at the forefront considering the increase of STDS and threat to life.

So what has changed from the previous threat? I think the simple answer is that they don’t have the band-aid of condoms this time around since the human papilloma virus is spread by skin-to-skin contact including oral sex.

Almost all of the safe-sex promotion was about justifying a sexually-promiscuous lifestyle and not about changing behavior. Whatever the actual failure rate of condom use is, it was acceptable to their risk analysis. You wouldn’t walk into a poison gas filled room with a mask that had half of that failure rate.

So now the situation regarding STD’s is much worse and prevention actually means changing your lifestyle. They had long inferred this was impossible and against human nature. “They are going to do it anyway” from teens up. Planned Parenthood and similar groups have been supporters of recommending oral sex and this has reached down to some schools. Again Planned Parenthoods suggestion now regarding STD’s in this regard is once again condoms and this time actually “Saran Wrap”.

Funny how the idea of abstinence and sex only between a married couple is roundly mocked, but suggesting Waran Wrap is full of good sense.

Time and time again we have heard how this-or-that pope was responsible for so many deaths for not approving condoms, yet those promoting activities that can lead to death are not responsible for those who die from following what they in-fact suggest. But again this has always been about justifying sexual promiscuousness and not about an actual concern for the human person. A pursuit of pleasure overriding any other concern. If a solution actually matches up with what the Catholic Church has to teach, well that just can’t be allowed to happen.


Jeffrey Miller (730 Posts)

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