WASHINGTON, DC (MetroCatholic) – Mrs. Obama was scheduled to be involved an outdoor public ribbon-cutting ceremony in Bowling Green Virginia today.
The entire ceremony was reorganized and moved inside after pro-life activists showed up with signs, banners and a bullhorn.
The banner read “Abortion is Not Healthcare” and is part of a weeklong campaign in Washington, D.C. calling for that abortion not to be a part of the President Obama health care plan.
A vote in the House is expected this week.
Activists spoke over a bullhorn pleading with the First Lady to affirm human rights and called upon her to publicly state no public monies would be spent for abortion.
Shortly before Mrs. Obama was scheduled to arrive, law enforcement officials told Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition the ceremony had been moved inside because of the actions and presence of the pro-life activists.
It was clear that the First Lady did not want a public witness for life to compete with her event.
The campaign “Abortion is Not Healthcare” will continue this week in Washington, D.C. with prayer vigils, prophetic witness and cutting edge pro-life events. Click here for a schedule of announced events.


George Vogt (3724 Posts)