Reflections of a First-Year Catholic School Teacher

I remember the exact day I heard the calling from God to become a Catholic school teacher. It was February 15, 2012, and I had finally reached the end of my rope with my current public school. I cried the whole way to work that day, and then proceeded to cry to my best friend at the school until the first bell rang. I wasn’t happy there anymore. I needed a change. Something huge was missing from my work-life. That something was God. I applied that very week to Saint Andrew Catholic School in Fort Worth.

I remember the exact feeling I got the first time I stepped foot into the church with the 650 students that attend SAS. I was visiting the school to see if it was a good “fit” and if I should follow through with the interview process. I was overwhelmed with peace and love. It was as though God was right there with me saying, “Lauren, thisis where you are supposed to be!” I cried again, but this time tears of joy! I had found my work-home! I followed through with the interview and got the job!!!

I remember the exact feeling I got the first day of school. It was August 13, 2012, and I was nervous, a little scared, but filled with joy to be teaching 6th grade at Saint Andrew Catholic School. How amazing to be able to start every morning with Bible verses and prayers! How amazing to be able to teach a Religion class everyday and study the Bible with God-loving, beautiful children! How amazing to finally have found my calling!

Teaching at a Catholic school has been one of the best decisions my husband and I have made for me in my faith walk in a long time. I come to school everyday ready to worship. I am able to discuss the Bible and my prayer life with my students. For the first time in my adult life, I actually look forward to going to work everyday. I look forward to creating lessons that revolve around Christ and His teachings. I love listening to the children talk about their knowledge of God and all the plans He has for them. I feel so blessed and humbled to be a part of their faith walk.

Recently I was thinking about the role of a parent in his/her child’s life. As a parent, our number one goal is to get our children to Heaven. Every day, 70 students come in and out of my classroom. For the short time they have with me, my goal is to teach them what they need to become successful adults in society, in their jobs, and most importantly, in their churches and homes. For eight hours a day, I have the goal of getting these 70 students to Heaven, and quite honestly, I can’t think of a better job than that!

For years I didn’t listen to what God wanted for my life. I continued to work in a job where I was dragged down, unchallenged, and unhappy. I am so glad that I finally stopped to listen to His calling for me. I now know that I am supposed to work with children in a setting that allows me to talk about God, pray, and read the Bible with my students. God called me….and I am so glad that I was able to say yes!



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