Principal – Immaculata Catholic School (Hendersonville, NC)

Education: Elementary, FT Employee
Immaculata Catholic School (Hendersonville, NC)

Applications are being accepted for Principal of Immaculata Catholic School in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Position: Principal of Immaculata Catholic School
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Pre-School – 8th grade
Enrollment: Pre-School, 27; K – 8, 124
Faculty: 18

Terms: 12 month contract, beginning July 1, 2014

Salary: Negotiable based upon experience and qualifications

Requirements: Must be a practicing Catholic. Must have or be eligible for North Carolina Principal’s Certification. Must have a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration or related Master’s Degree with 18 hours of Administrative coursework.

Qualifications: The successful candidate will: be spiritually strong; be innovative and inquisitive, a strong interpersonal and collaborative leader; possess demonstrated knowledge and competency to bring creative, best practices; encourage professional growth of staff; have 5 to 10 years’ experience in elementary or high school, some in leadership; have proven ability to strategically manage an operating budget, re-accreditation, recruiting, marketing, and development to increase enrollment and stakeholder relationships; enlist and supervise volunteers; foster communication with diverse school, parish and community. Fluency in Spanish is a plus.

Application: Available on Charlotte Diocese web site

Application &
Resume to: Fr. Martin Schratz, OFM Cap., Pastor
Immaculate Conception Parish
208 7th Avenue West
Hendersonville, NC 28791
[email protected]
[email protected]

Deadline for application and resume: March 5, 2014

Department of Education Adopted: 12/77
Catholic Diocese of Charlotte Last Reviewed: 5/87, 5/89, 5/91, 11/03 Revised: 5/87. 5/89, 5/91, 11/03 REGULATION 2314


Qualifications: Practicing Catholic qualified to be licensed by the North Carolina State Education Department and approved by the Diocesan School Superintendent. A Master’s Degree in Educational Administration or Related Field with 24 hours of Administration Coursework.

Contract Time: Twelve months

Functions: Executes policies and administrative regulations in the area of assignments; assumes administrative responsibility and instructional leadership in the school; responsibility for planning, operating, supervising and evaluating the educational program, articulating the vision for the school.

Is responsible for the leadership and the administration of the Catholic school which seeks to offer high quality academic programs that are integrated with religious truths and values; provides opportunities for students to be prepared for life in today’s Church and society through a strong basic and contemporary curriculum and through instruction and formation in the beliefs, values and traditions of Catholic Christianity.

Administrative tasks include: (1) organization of the school so that appropriate learning can take place; (2) development of a competent faculty and staff; (3) development of a balanced curriculum; (4) provision for safety, welfare, and care of students while they are attending school; (5) coordination of physical facilities; (6) management of financial and business affairs of the school with the region; (7) development of good school-community relationships; (8) integration of spirituality through liturgy, daily prayer, and religion classes.

The expectations for achieving the above tasks are the following:

A. Administers the school according to Diocesan and local policies.
B. Gives leadership for achieving the goals of Catholic education.
C. Evidences knowledge of Catholic philosophy of education.
D. Supports and nurtures a Christian community within the school.
E. Provides opportunity for liturgical expression and experience for staff and students,
F. Maintains a two-way communication with school clientele.
G. Demonstrates respect for individuals and fairness in dealing with others.
H. Oversees SACS accreditation and renewal process.
I. Exemplifies strong interpersonal skills with the school community

A. Coordinates efforts of the school with the philosophy of the Diocesan school system as outlined by the Superintendent.
B. Maintains a record system and makes reports as required.
C. Appraises and evaluates the instructional program and reports findings.
D. Demonstrates responsibility and accountability for the position.

A. Works cooperatively with Pastor at Parish-Based School.
B. Works cooperatively with Local School Board and Diocesan Superintendent.
C. Makes periodic written and oral reports about the school to the Superintendent and to the School Board and Pastors at Parish-Based Schools.

A. Works cooperatively with pastor at Parish-Based School, and with all Clergy within System.
B. Leads and communicates the religious purpose of the school.
C. Implements programs that stimulate religious growth for school community.
D. Demonstrates responsibility and accountability
E. Works closely and cooperatively with supporting Parish/es.

A. Hires and assigns teachers in accord with Diocesan and state policies.
B. Is responsible for the supervision of the instructional program and works cooperative with the faculty in the accomplishment of this function.
C. Provides in-service workshops whenever the opportunity or need arises during the course of the school year.
D. Holds regular faculty meetings, at least one per month.
E. Visits classes periodically to coordinate total curriculum.
F. Provides planning periods as appropriate to the daily schedule
G. Provides textbooks, materials, and supplies for each classroom.
H. Encourages systematic and well-developed lesson plans.
I. Maintains accurate personnel files that include records of all sick leave, emergency leave, observations and evaluations.
J. Is available to teachers for consultation when needed
K. Is knowledgeable about professional certification.
L. Supervises and evaluates professional and support staff.
M. Understands and encourages a variety of teaching and learning styles.

A. Establishes, with the faculty, a curriculum that meets the needs of individual students.
B. Administers school policy relating to the admission and assignment of present and/or incoming students.
C. Oversees all student activity in the school, including athletic activities, assembly programs, and social programs.
D. Prepares student rosters at the beginning of each school year.
E. Establishes guidelines and enforces the discipline policy of the school.
F. Plans, conducts and reports fire and safety drills in accordance with adopted policies.
G. Enforces immunization and other health requirements set by the State Department of Health and sees that health records are maintained and kept up-to-date.
H. Establishes and makes known routine for handling student sickness and accidents.

A. Establishes and maintains on-going communication between school and home.
B. Schedules and participates in, when advisable, parent conferences.
C. Schedules conference for parents to meet teachers at periodic times of the year.
D. Encourages and cooperates with organizations dedicated to the improvement of the school.
E. Designates someone to work with the news media in releasing information on a regular basis concerning school activities.
F. Establishes and communicates procedures for hearing complaints and suggestions from school parents.
G. Is available for conference by appointment.
H. Develops and maintains public relations with and among appropriate publics.


The principal gives direction to the Parent-Teacher Organization and other School-Related Organizations and is an ex-officio member of the executive committee of each organization.
A. Formulates, with the School-Related Organization president, the Executive Board’s agenda and Budget
B. Works together with the School-Related Organization to identify the short and long-term goals reflective of the input of the faculty, staff and parents.
C. Is a signer on all School-Related Accounts, per Diocesan Guidelines. (0) (7411 Posts)

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