Predictions and Non-Predictions for 2013

Here are my sure-fire predictions and thoughts for 2013.

  • “The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected.” –G.K Chesterton
  • That the politicians that got us into this mess will not get us out of it.
  • That the main stream media will get every story regarding the Vatican and/or the Pope wrong. (thus providing continuous fodder for Catholic blogs)
  • That cantors and choir directors will continue to be immune to the “reform of the reform” and totally blind to the example of the Pope.
  • That the musical-stylings of Haugen/Daas/Schutte will continue to dominate accompanied by strumming folk guitarists thus making the Mass contemporary if you still lived in the 60’s. Yes there will be outbreaks of “brick by brick” actual sacred music, but it won’t be contagious in most diocese.
  • That the bracketed, short form, reading of Ephesians 5 will be the one read at Mass.
  • There will be more people attending Ash Wednesday than the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Maybe we can come up with hangover-cure sacramentals to pass out to correct this.
  • There will still be no Jesuit college/university that joins in the fight against the HHS mandate.
  • The mandatum, which is required of all teachers of theology at Catholic colleges and universities, will still not be implemented and schools will continue to be secretive about who had signed/not signed it.
  • 40 years from now Catholics will be complaining about the catechesis in the generation before. 80 years from now Catholics will be complaining about the catechesis in the generation before. …
  • Jesus is still Lord and we are all still called to be saints.

On the lighter side of things:

  • I just might read a book or two during the new year.
  • Ironic Catholic, Eye of the Tiber, Acts of the Apostasy will continue to make me guffaw on a constant basis along with a vast list of Catholic writers. Creative Minority Report’s “We laugh because we believe” will still hold true.
  • “An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.” –G. K. Chesterton.
  • If you are not a joyful Catholic, you’re doing it wrong.

Predictions with zero chance of occurring:

  • Mark Shea and Michael Vorbis will become great friends after the Dalai Lama intervenes.
  • One of the things Progressive Catholics prophesy actually occurs.
  • Father Z will show pictures of his recently acquired rainbow stole on his blog.
  • Jennifer Fulwiler will start keeping scorpions as pets.
  • Fr Philip Neri Powell, OP will give up reading for Lent.
  • Patrick Madrid will have his voice surgically altered so that he no longer sounds like Patrick Coffin – or vice versa.
  • I will decide to read all the Twilight books and grow to have a fondness for sparkly vampires.
  • The Crescat will reveal her secret prized collection of felt banners on Hoarders
  • Raymond Arroyo will not find a chance to sing during the annual “The World Over” Christmas special.
  • EWTN will also buy The National Catholic Reporter and keep the staff of it.


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