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Well, it is time for me to boldly go where angels fear to tread and make my predictions for 2013.

1.  No new gun control legislation-Whenever either party wins a presidential victory in a second term legislation, they tend to begin feeling their oaths and tend to overestimate both their popularity and their power.  The Democrats are in that condition now, and I predict that the beginning of what I anticipate will be a bad election year in 2014 will be a bitter, and failed attempt, to pass new gun control legislation.

2.  Recession-The Economy will slip back into a recession with the unemployment rate rising above nine percent by the end of the year.

3.  Kerry seat-John Kerry will be confirmed as Secretary of State, God help us, and Scott Johnson, the pinch hitter of the Senate, will win the special election for his seat.

4.  Virginia and New Jersey-The Republicans will retain the governorships in both New Jersey and Virginia.

5.  Contraceptive Mandate-The contraceptive mandate will be ruled to be unconstituional on First Amendment religious freedom grounds.  Go here to the Becket Fund, which has been waging the court fights across the country in regard to the mandate, for the decision of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals which begins  setting the ground for ultimate Supreme Court review in 2014.

6.  Tell all Books-A flood of tell all books by former insiders of the Obama administration will begin to hit the market.

7.  Sad Cubbies-The Cubs will continue their 105 year streak of not winning the World Series.

8.  Syria-The Syrian regime will be unseated and that will send shock waves throughout the Middle East.  The Syrian state was the classic Arab one party dictatorship kept in power through a completely loyal military with no compunction about drowning any revolt in a sea of blood.  When it falls look for uprisings throughout the Middle East.  The prime prop of the Syrian regime, Iran, might well have a violent revolt that will make Syria look tame by comparison.

9.   Israel v. Iran-The long delayed Israel-Iran war will occur unless a popular revolt occurs in Iran first.

10. Wrong again Don-McClarey will be wrong in some of his predictions.


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