Counseling, PT Contract
Lighthouse Catholic Media (Milledgeville, GA)

Lighthouse Catholic Media (LCM) is actively looking for account managers to evangelize and catechize Catholic parishes in the Savannah Diocese (particularly in the western areas of the dioceses) in Georgia, by introducing faithful Catholic audio CDs and books, and other faith formation services focusing all aspects of the Catholic Faith.

Account managers (AM) are commissioned independent contractors who establish and service kiosk displays (with the help of their volunteers) and establish an innovative CD of the Month Club in the parishes. AMs are trained by LCM in webinars, conference calls, our on-line training, or a combination. AMs set up appointments with pastors to make a 20 -30 minute presentation. They establish volunteers in the parish and go to the parish to launch the program at weekend Masses. AMs can work a few hours a week to full time. Compensation is commission based at a rate of 15% of the sale excluding shipping costs.

Typically, Acount Managers are active faithful Catholics who are passionate about their faith, many are stay at home moms, some are retired/semi-retired individuals seeking a meaningful way to serve the Church and supplementt their income, and others are employed full time and fit being an account manager into their schedule because they want promote the Catholic Church.

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