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My family and I went to see the documentary Obama 2016 yesterday.  The documentary is based on Dinesh D’Souza’s book The Roots of Obama’s Rage which posits that the key to understanding Obama is that he is motivated by the same anti-colonial ideology that motivated his Kenyan father.  I disagreed with his thesis, so I was uncertain whether I would enjoy the movie.  Read below for my review of the film.  The usual spoiler alert applies.

We saw the movie in Kankakee, Illinois at the Paramount Theater.  I was surprised that over 200 people were present at the 1:00 PM showing which was astounding for a documentary in a relatively small community like the Kankakee-Bradley-Bourbonnais area.  The crowd was rather a good deal more serious than most movie going crowds.  They were obviously there to learn as well as to entertain.

I was pleased at how good the production values were for the film.  It cost 2.5 million to make and every dollar was well spent considering the polish of the final product.  Dinesh D’Souza appeared on-screen as the narrator and did a first-rate job.  He came across as someone genuinely curious to find out what motivates Obama.  We follow him as he goes to Hawaii and Kenya to talk to people who knew the young Obama and his father.  He also speaks to authors who have written about Obama, including  Shelby Steele and Paul Kengor who has written a biography of the communist Frank Marshall Davis who served as a mentor and substitute father figure for Obama.

The central figure in the movie is Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.  Born in Kenya to a Muslim family, he attended Christian mission schools and converted to Christianity (as a young man before meeting Ann Dunham, the mother of President Obama, he would renounce Christianity and become an atheist.).  A bright student, he received a scholarship from a program organized by nationalist leader Tom Mboya.  The money for the program came from black Americans and the Kennedy family.  At 23 he went to the University of Hawaii and met Ann Dunham who was 17 years old.  Dunham’s family was of a radical bent politically, and she quickly fell in love with Obama who was a black nationalist and a socialist.  They married, Obama neglecting to mention to Dunham that he was already married in Kenya and had two kids.  Soon after President Obama’s birth the couple separated, with Dunham going to the University of Saint Louis, and Obama senior graduating from Hawaii and going on to Harvard where he earned an AM in economics.  Obama senior eventually went back to Kenya where he became a senior economist in the Kenyan government.  He and Dunham divorced in 1964.

Obama junior grew up idolizing his absent father.  When he was 10, his father made a month’s long trip to Hawaii to visit him, which confirmed in his boy the belief that his father was a great man.  Only after his death in 1982 did Obama learn that Obama senior was a drunk who beat his four wives and who died in poverty as a result of his alcoholism.

D’Souza contends that from his father, and other far left individuals that he encountered during his early life, Obama embraced an anti-colonial ideology that views the United States as evil, Israel as evil and capitalism as evil.  That statement over-simplifies D’Souza’s argument to some extent, but that is what it boils down to.  If Obama is re-elected, D’Souza believes that the US will be militarily weak, confronting an ever more radical Islamic threat in the Middle East and our economy will have gone over the debt-cliff and be in shambles.

D’Souza makes a persuasive case in his film.  I agree with D’Souza as to Obama’s disdain for capitalism, his suspicion of US power in the world, his contempt for Israel and his fondness for radical movements in the Third World.  However I disagree that these are an inheritance from his father.  Obama’s views are fairly typical of modern-day liberals and reflect intellectual trends that have been dominant on the port side of our politics since circa 1972 when the McGovernites captured the apparatus of the Democrat party.  I believe that Obama would hold the same views if his father had come from Harlem instead of Kenya.  Obama’s mother was probably a much greater influence on the young Obama and she was a typical far Left academic, filled with Third World romanticism, in short the type of individual who rose to dominate the Democrat party in the seventies.  Obama’s beliefs are not exotic as D’Souza claims in his film, but rather typical of what is embraced by most Democrat politicians.  More’s the pity.

Having said that I would still give the movie a thumbs up.  I found it entertaining and informative and encourage people, especially those who know little about the background of Obama, to see it.  The movie has become an unexpected hit, earning over fourteen million dollars thus far, which is phenomenal for a documentary.  This is a film that people will not only see, but also talk about, judging from the rapt attention that the audience was paying to the film in the showing which I and my family attended.

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. “2016” is the most important movie documentary you will ever watch. The future of our country and freedom demands that you watch this.

    In “2016”, Dinesh D’Souza clearly describes how Obama’s politics came from Third World influences — from his communist revolutionary father in Kenya, to his early years spent as a Muslim with his mother in Indonesia. What follows is a clear description of how Obama:
    1. Fully intends to diminish American influence and strength in the world.

    2. Has already begun to unilaterally disarm our strategic nuclear arsenals and eliminate our nuclear warheads to zero, while the remainder of the world is clearly escalating their own nuclear arsenals.

    3. How it is clear that Obama has purposefully spent and borrowed America to the point of imminent economic collapse, to achieve his end game of One World Order, propping up third-world countries, while diminishing our own economic strength.

    4. How Obama has completely stifled our own energy exploration and utilization at every turn of every available asset, including coal, oil exploration, delivery, and refinery, and natural gas, while sending BILLIONS in American taxpayer dollars to countries like Brazil and Mexico to exploit the very same Gulf oil stores that he refuses to grant permits for to any domestic energy producers.

    5. Obama’s historical associations with communist revolutionary radicals like Khalid Al Mansour, William Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, Rashid Khalidi, Frank Marshall-Davis, and others.

    6. Obama’s preference for an anticolonialist approach, one that would favor the rise of the Third World (or, as D’Souza labels it, the United States of Islam), greatly reduce Israel’s influence and cede the U.S.’ role as a superpower. This aspect, creation of a Global Caliphate implemented through The Muslim Brotherhood and “The Arab Spring” is well underway, kicked off by Obama’s Muslim Apology Tour in Cairo, and moved along by his anti-semitic treatment of Israel, his hand’s-off approach to Syria and Iran, his invasion of Libya under the pretense of a NATO strike, and his sending billions of taxpayer dollars to the new Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Egypt.

    Wake up America. The movie “2016” is an outline of our own demise. See it BEFORE YOU VOTE THIS NOVEMBER!

  2. I went to see it today and Dinesh did a good job of defending his hypothesis that Obama is simply an anti-colonialist and that his wealth redistribution desires on the homefront expand to the deconstruction of wealth and power on the global arena as well…that he ran on a relatively moderate platform and hid his extreme leftist agenda from the public’s eye with the media’s help. What I disagree with you is your stating that this is a documentary – it is an editorial opinion piece turned to film – it sets Dinesh apart from a Michael Moore – who outlandishly declares his films to be documentaries time and time again disproven with made up facts, misconstrued facts, etc. I respected most that Dinesh was transparent that this was his theory which he worked to back with the opinions of others and using Obama’s own book material. I agree that the world and America is a much more dangerous place in another 4 years should this man be re-elected and i am hopeful the turn out to vote for a more moderate alternative, Romney (please, let’s not call him a Reaganite..he is definitely a more center conservative), on election day.

  3. Seems like this review is a scam and was obviously written by the Director of the movie. Yeah, like we’re supposed to believe 1) the supposed neutral reviewer knew about the book and disagreed with it’s premise, but 2) heaps praise on it and ends up whole heatedly encouraging everyone to see it!

    For a Catholic site, it’s sad to see lies likes this…

  4. In this movie D’Souza does the vetting of Obama that the main stream media chose to ignore in 2007/8 using Obama’s own words. (I’ll bet Obama is wishing he hadn’t done the audio on his own book right about now).I can only hope that this movie sticks around until November and that it quickly goes to DVD and becomes available at Redbox and Netflix for Obama supporters who would not go see this movie at the theater but may catch it at home and learn a thing or two about their messiah and his plans for America.

  5. Its not a DOCUMENTARY!

    It is a fairy tale, that might be called “science fiction” if the supporters were not so anti-science.

  6. Well I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve had doubts about who Obama is from the third time I watched him speak. At that time I was drawn to the genuine excitement that the people who surrounded him seemed to have. But then as I listened I heard glorious words without any substance. I felt that he was too polished, putting on an act. There were inconsistencies and most distrustful to me of all, was that the media was so obviously biased toward him. Hillary had important thoughts about issues and the media wasn’t interested in hearing them. I am so thankful to have someone bring forth what has been hidden to Americans about the person who is leading us. Are we blind sheep who simply follow? Well, yes, but we have to wake up and I hope we do before it is too late.

  7. You cannot claim Catholicism and vote pro-choice. It is not negotiable. The discussions of economics, our position in the world, and whether Obama is Messiah or Lucifer himself are all secondary.

  8. I am sorry for you all guys. I believe a good part of Americans are a bunch of ignorant. I am not American. I have been living in many countries but here with you it is the most ridiculous. This country needs people with education that most of the time are foreigners. We cannot vote otherwise the Republicans will lose their pants. Instead they keep you ignorant so it is easy for them to control your minds. I have been talking with a lot of you, and the way as you talk about socialism, health care and tax or spending, reveals how i.d.i.o.t you are. Obama has been working very well even the Republicans and some (Corrupted) Democrats has been stopped all his bills to improve the economy of this country. I Make a lot of money here, when your idol Mitt Romney will destroy what is remaining of good of this America, I will move to another country and you will be again un-employee or work for $8 per hours for your dear wealthy.

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