The app Annus Fidei is free and includes Church documents including those of Vatican II, but despite the information in the app store it is Spanish only .

What hasn’t been reported is that there is also another app in the pipeline for a more progressive audience the “Spirit of Vatican II” app which includes these great features:

  • No actual documents of Vatican II, instead it includes a blank document where you enter what you want Vatican II to mean.
  • Uses the mobile device’s front-facing camera to show you what your pope looks like.
  • Includes pinch-to-dissent.
  • Has maps for important shrines such as Hans Küng’s birthplace and the headquarters of the National Catholic Reporter.
  • Top ten liturgical dance moves you can do today!
  • The Gather Hymnal the official hymnal of the Spirit of Vatican II. This special edition removes those hymns published before 1960 that were included for show and not use.
  • Augmented reality so you can see giant liturgical puppets everywhere.
  • Special photo filters to add tie-dye or rainbow stole effects to your photos.
  • Felt banner designer.  Use the groovy 60′s templates or create your own.
  • Has the latest LTE technology, Liturgical Tambourine Environment.
  • Real time progressive religious order information. Note: Size decreasing and average age increasing over time along with progressive religious orders falling off the map is not a bug.

So what features do you think it should have?


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