So as the dinosaurs at Planned Parenthood commenced their annual “fleeing to the bunkers” whilst a half-million young people marched on Washington DC, unimpeded by a blizzard, we were blessed to receive some more hilarity from their organization.

The following is a tweet from Planned Parenthood yesterday as they again tried to convince themselves that they appeal to young people as well:

Sadly, the “Planned Parenthood Generation” is dead and buried in biohazard bags in landfills throughout the US.

Planned Parenthood still has some pull with the older generations, but the young people throughout the country who have seen a third of their generation aborted, who have lived with the mess of contraception, divorce (natural family planning has a divorce rate of 1%), and the effects of premarital sex, they are standing up completely on the side of the pro-life movement.

If Planned Parenthood had a march in DC, they’d get a few thousand people to show up, and about 20 of them would be teenagers.

Here’s to the “Planned Parenthood Generation” indeed!


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