Love Is Risky – Are You Willing To Let Yourself Be Loved?

There is a part of each of us that questions ourselves. It questions whether we are worthy of love, especially true unconditional love.

The truth is, we are made by love – out of love – for love – to love – and to be loved.

But, our woundedness questions how any of this could be real.

It asks, “how could we be worthy of such a love?”
It lies and says, “I am not lovable.”

Yet, true love isn’t given because of what we do. We could never earn such a love. It isn’t something we purchase with our deeds.
It isn’t because of knowing the right things. We can’t know enough truth to earn such a love.
It isn’t because we are “good people”. That isn’t enough.
Our true worth isn’t determined by a subjective opinion of culture or individuals.

Rather – we are lovable because God made us for the purpose of love. Yes, we all have a purpose and it is to be loved and love in return.

God loves you, not because of what you do, what you know, how you act. He loves you despite these things (which we do imperfectly), not because of them. He loves you. For you. He loves you right where you are and there is NOTHING that could make His love for you stop or lessen.

God loves you so much He would die for you – and He did.
God loves you so much He built a purpose into your being:
To be with God forever is your purpose.
To be the best you that you can be is your purpose.
To love Him back is your purpose.

This kind of love is doubted because of our human failures in loving one another. When we don’t experience a selfless and unconditional love from other people, we may doubt the reality of true love and may close ourselves off from God’s love.

So, we might need to learn how to be loved by loving others. Give yourself away and you will find yourself. This is the paradox of relationships – to understand that love is never wasted. Love is a gift to another person and will be good for both the one who is loved and the one who loves. Loving another person fulfills what we are made for. Our choice to love will always be put to good use by God, as long as we allow him to change our hearts in the process.

God wants to change you and to be a bigger part of your life today. But, he needs your permission and this is a risk we take. We are fearful of letting anyone, much less God, into our lives because it comes with the the fear that we are risking something…ourselves. But, God will only help you discover the truth of who you are and will never take anything of lasting value away.

Will you let God into your heart?


Below are three videos that express what true love looks like. The crazy thing is they are produced from a lingerie company’s series of ads highlighting the inner beauty of women and yet are some of the most poignant ads I have ever seen.

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.” -St. Francis

***If you want to read more about true love, then read this story about a priest who was conceived in rape and hears his father’s confession and offers him mercy and forgiveness, just as Jesus did.*** (0)

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