Lenten Reflection for Wednesday, February 27

St. Mary’s put together a Lenten reflection booklet which we handed out on Ash Wed. in order to have a daily reflection on the Mass readings for the day. Most of the reflections were written by students (a few by staff). Here is today’s reflection:

February 27, 2013
Wednesday of the Second Week of Lent

Jeremiah 18:18-20 * Matthew 20:17-28

In today’s first reading, we find the people of Israel plotting against Jeremiah. They had turned their backs on God and his covenant, abandoning him for false idols and pagan gods. Fed up with Jeremiah for his preaching, they began to dissect Jeremiah’s words to find some fault to have him destroyed, so they could continue their unfaithful lifestyles in peace.

Similarly, Jesus chastised many for becoming so wrapped up in traditions that they disregarded the meaning behind them or put them above God’s commandments. Insulted and infuriated with Jesus for addressing their flaws, rather than to correct their lifestyles, some chose instead to scrutinize his every word for an excuse to put him to death.

It’s easy to take offense when someone points out our imperfections. There is always a choice about how we respond to these moments, whether we recognize and improve or become bitter and hostile to the one who points it out. It’s tempting to seek justification for actions we know to be immoral. Yet our conscience exhorts us to take to heart the teachings of God revealed through the scriptures and his holy Church.

In your reflections on today’s readings, perhaps consider these questions:

Has anyone pointed out a flaw of mine recently? If so, how did I react?

Do I take to heart messages that address areas of my life that need improvement?

Who should I put my trust in for good, honest counsel?



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