John 11:45-56 What Are You Going To Do With Him?

Many of the Jews who had come to Mary and seen what Jesus had done began to believe in him.  But some of them went to the Pharisees and told them what Jesus had done.  So the chief priests and the Pharisees convened the Sanhedrin and said, “What are we going to do?”
They want to kill God! 
Friedrich Nietzsche tried to kill God.  Christopher Hitchens tried as well.  All who tried have died trying.  God will not die.  He will not allow himself to be put to shame, for when we attempt to shame God, we end up embarrassing ourselves.  When we try humiliating God, we end up humiliating ourselves.  And when we try to outperform God, we end up regretting it. 
Even when we try to crucify the Lord, we end up crucifying ourselves, for every time we try to do harm to God, we end up hurting ourselves.
It’s true.  It’s all true.  When we destroy human life at its weakest moment, we embarrass ourselves and drain our favorite words like “justice”, “tolerance”, “equality” and “respect” of all meaning.  
There is an abortionist on trial in Philadelphia who is accused of killing full term fetuses by snapping their necks.  Planned Parenthood has not come out and condemned this vicious abortionist.   They can’t.  They can’t risk it.  Their business depends on killing babies.  The news media, in cahoots with Planned Parenthood, has completely ignored the trial.  They can’t report it.  They can’t risk it.  They’ve put their fingers way too deep in this disgrace.  Hence, both organizations embarrass themselves by contradicting themselves.  They will not report scandals other than those of the Catholic Church.
Throughout history, men have tried to kill God only to end up killing human lives.
When we try to humiliate God, we end up humiliating ourselves.  You hear them all the time, our meaningless slogans:  “equality” and “he/she should have done more.”  What exactly do these slogans mean if Christ is not the standard to measure our lives by?  We are told that homosexual “marriage” is about equality.  There’s nothing equal about it! Not for the children who will be adopted by them nor for the couples who wish to have more than one spouse.  After all, when we end up redefining marriage, we will immediately be denying others the right to get married according to their ills and wishes. 
There is no such thing in America as “equality” – not in pay, not in price, not in our way of life, especially when certain lives are considered cheaper than others, valued more than others, and terminated by others.  When we try to humiliate God’s creation by creating our own, we end up belittling ourselves.
There is no such thing as “equality” when we are advocating our own selfish desires and schemes. 
What are we going to do?  A person is considered a genius if they can invent an object that is independent of human intervention.  In other words, “if it runs on its own.”  And yet there are some people that consider this the very sign that there is no God!  What a bunch of hypocrites!   People are full of contradictions and are content with them, as long as they can take advantage of them.
But God is full of contradictions as well.  However, His contradictions are always inspiring, lifting, pointing in the right direction.  Christ was small yet remained a giant.  He was humble yet mighty; betrayed and tortured and still forgiving and giving.
What are you going to do with Him?  There are two historical options:  kill Him or kiss Him?  Blame Him or thank Him?  Ignore Him or Love Him? 
In a world that is constantly searching for “gods,” I will follow God, the God of Jesus Christ, all the way to Calvary. 
Resolution:  I will follow the Lord and do as He did.  I will place my trust in the Lord before I trust in men.  I will hope in the Lord before I place my hopes (and votes) in men.  I will be a sign of contradiction.


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