I Am Shocked, Shocked!

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Democrats producing fraudulent votes in inner city Philadelphia:

Across Philadelphia, GOP poll inspectors were forcibly (and illegally) removed from polling locations. Coincidentally (or not), Mr. Obama received “astronomical” numbers in those very same regions, including locations where he received “over 99%” of the vote.

Ward 4, which also had a poll watcher dressed in Obama attire, went massively for Obama. Mr. Obama received 99.5% of the vote, defeating Mr. Romney 9,955 to 55.

Is it odd that a county that expelled GOP inspectors and had people openly campaigning for Obama ended with 99.5% for Obama and 9955 votes for him? It’s up to you to decide.

This from the combox of this article:

I worked the polls as a republican watcher in the 2008 election in Philadelphia, 5th ward (6th and Fairmount streets). I was shown how to do the job by a pregnant lady who met me before 7:00 AM in front of the voting place. We went in at 6:55 AM, and voting started with us at 7:00 AM. She showed me the ropes voted and left. I was to look up the voters in the registration book and then they would sign in and there names were written into another book. As I was new I learned as we went. The lady who had the book where the names of voters were being hand written in it kept asking me who the names of different voters to verify that they were right. Later in the day we switched out and I had the book with the hand written voters in it. It listed there names, and their party. As the day went on I got bored and looked to see how many republicans had voted. Only one the lady who brought me in at about 6:55 AM. Voting started at 7:00 AM. She was voter number 21. 20 votes were case before we got there! They were back filling in the names after I got the registration book. That’s why she needed to keep asking me who various voters were. She needed names to go with the votes. 248 votes were cast for that 2008 election. 244 for democrats and four republicans. 20 were stolen (12.2 percent). If I wasn’t there it would have gone on all day. In fact when I went home for lunch I’m sure it happened also. When I called the lady who trained me she said call the hotline! Their stealing votes! I did and help showed up later in the day. But the votes were already stolen.

This crime against democracy has been perpetrated by the Party of the Jackass for generations.  So long as the Republican Party lacks the intestinal fortitude to do anything about it, this will go on.





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