The debate circulating around homosexual so-called “marriage” is one where one side wants to retain the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, and the other side wants to redefine marriage as something other than that.  Even when the voters at the state level have approved measures that would retain the traditional definition of marriage, some activist judges (homosexual judges as was the case in California) have thrown out the laws stating they are discriminatory because they gave rights to one group and not another.

Based upon the argument that each of us should be able to come up with our own definition for statuses in order to access certain benefits that we claim to have a right to,  I have decided that I am a poor, disabled, unemployed American Indian.  I know what you might think if you saw me or knew anything about me, that I am a middle-classed, healthy, gainfully employed caucasian but I am not.  How can that be you might ask?  Well, because people who are poor, disabled, unemployed, or are minorities are afforded benefits (rights) I don’t get as a middle-classed, healthy, gainfully employed caucasian so I’ve come up with my own definition for these statuses.  See how easy it is?  Now you try it.


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