The movie For Greater Glory is about the suppression of religious freedom. The movie stars Hollywood “A list” actors Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria. While both actors are Catholic, Longoria has also chosen to be outspoken in politics serving as no less than the co-chair of Obama’s re-election campaign. While you might assume that as a Catholic, who starred in a film about the suppression of religious freedom, Longoria would be politically aligned with the party that supports God and religious freedom in its platform. Instead Eva was a speaker at the Democratic National Convention. The same convention where as many people were against having God in their platform as were for it. The same convention where Democrats reaffirmed their desire to force employers to pay for contraceptives against their religious beliefs. The same convention where they attack anyone that doesn’t agree with their warped definition of marriage. I’m not upset with Eva Longoria, I would expect as much from a Hollywood actress but I feel she was a lame choice to have star in a film about religious freedom; a film that was released on DVD right before a presidential election in which she supports the anti-religious freedom candidate. Think I’ll pass on watching this film. (0)

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