One of the many things that Good Shepherd exists for is to reach out to others in a caring and compassionate manner.  And we reinforce this constantly.  An example is our Easter Basket donations to GRACE and the Community Enrichment Center.  This week Lisa G, Bill H, Vern and Bob E delivered Easter Baskets to GRACE and to the Community Enrichment Center.  During Holy Week, Vern, Bob and Darline delivered additional baskets received to GRACE.  All these donations gave the children supported by these organizations a much happier Easter.
Also, Bob and Deb will be delivering all the books that have been donated to St. George Parochial School in Ft. Worth.  (St. George is our Great-Grandmother Parish).  This annual donation of books is always greatly appreciated by the staff and students at St. George.
We are blessed to belong to such a generous parish.  To quote Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”