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Music Ministry, FT Employee
St. Nicholas Catholic Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

POSITION SUMMARY: The Director of Music Ministry is a professional who holds specialized credentials in music and liturgy. The Director of Music Ministry has a thorough understanding of Catholic liturgy and possesses the skills and talent to enhance worship by continually striving for musical excellence in the spirit of sacred music. This pastoral musician is a leader who is competent in effectively integrating music within liturgy and leading the assembly in sung prayer by coordinating vocal ensembles, cantors, instrumentalists, accompanists and others in music ministry. This individual, with a vision of how a parish can achieve and maintain its spiritual and musical potential, is responsible for identifying and fulfilling the liturgical music needs of the people of St. Nicholas Parish. The role of the liturgical musician is as much a vocation as it is a profession. The Director of Music Ministry should be a member of the Christian faithful who desires to place their gifts at the service of the community’s prayer life and share a personal spirituality that nurtures the faith of the Church.

Effective performance requires that the Director of Music will possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities:
– Knowledge of Church teachings and liturgy documents with the ability to relate that knowledge to music ministry.
– Personal integrity, creativity, and self-motivation in the fulfillment of the music ministry.
– Proficiency in piano and organ skills.
– Proficiency in voice and choral training.
– Ability to work collaboratively with staff and volunteers.
– Administrative skills (planning, budgeting, etc.)
– Musical teaching ability
– Ability to develop and direct diverse choirs and instrumental musicians.
– Ability to nurture all ages of vocalists and musicians, with a particular emphasis on fostering the parish’s youth.
– Ability to communicate effectively in spoken and written form.
– Ability to respond effectively to unplanned conditions.
– Professionally trained and skilled (i.e., Master’s Degree in Music or related field desired) with at least three years experience in music ministry and be an accomplished organist, pianist and choral conductor.
– Computer competent (e.g., Microsoft Office)
– Complete diocesan VIRTUS training, in compliance with the protocol for interaction with minors.
The Director of Music is a full-time exempt employee as defined by diocesan personnel policies and is directly accountable to the pastor. These diocesan personnel policies regulate the Director of Music’s position description, compensation, benefits and working conditions.

As a member of the parish staff, the Director of Music Ministry is expected to perform the duties and responsibilities described below.

A. General Responsibilities
1. Coordinates music for all parish liturgies and programs.
2. Promotes formation of the parish community by providing educational and musical opportunities.
3. Evaluate the effectiveness of music programs, activities and events and incorporate results into subsequent planning.
4. Participate in and support parish-wide formation and evangelization.
5. Integrate the social ministry message into programming and activities, i.e. language and text of songs.
6. Comply with reprint and copyright laws.
7. Coordinate with the Director of Religious Education and Evangelization on sacramental experiences. (First Eucharist, initiation rites of RCIA, Confirmation rituals, etc.)
8. Provide input to pastor and staff on music documents of the church.
9. Attend parish staff meetings and other activities as scheduled, and participate in them actively, including retreats.
10. Actively participate in the liturgy committee.
11. Propose and maintain a budget for the Music Ministry.
12. Keep records, maintain the music library and maintain correspondence.
13. Purchase music and other items after consultation with the appropriate parish staff member.
14. Do related work as assigned by the pastor.

B. Music at Liturgies
1. Develops the music program in keeping with the pastoral direction and vision of the community.
2. Prepares the music selection for weekend liturgies and for other parish liturgies and programs.
3. Works with the pastor and pastoral associate for liturgy and liturgy committee in planning music for Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter seasons.
4. Coordinates music for parish funerals, weddings, and other Sacramental celebrations.
5. Responsible for the review of worship aids for liturgies including funerals, weddings, liturgical holidays and prayer services for content and accuracy.
6. Plans and conducts the rehearsals for the choirs/ensembles under his/her personal direction.
7. Keeps current the musical guidelines for both wedding and funeral liturgies.
8. Ensures that all copyright regulations are followed regarding music reprinting.
9. Prepares and administers the budget for the total parish music program.
10. Maintains parish musical instruments and related equipment and sees to their tuning and proper care/service.
11. Maintains a good working relationship with local church musicians and other ecumenical community resources.
12. Oversees the order and maintenance of the music library.
13. Maintains current musician rosters and other records of individuals involved in the music program.
14. Implements diocesan and parish policies concerning music and liturgy.
15. Attends and participates in meetings and gatherings related to the music program.
16. Participates in appropriate diocesan meetings, programs and activities.
17. Recruits, trains and supervises volunteer assistants.
18. Personally accompanies three liturgies per weekend; holy days and other liturgies.
19. Supervises the planning and distribution of schedules for the various musicians, choirs, ensembles and cantors for Sundays and holy days and other liturgies.
20. Plans and supervises annual Folk Group retreat.
21. Other duties as assigned.

C. Choirs, Cantors and Instrumentalists

1. Responsible for recruiting and developing the diverse choirs that comprise the St. Nicholas choral music ministry, and others that the Director of Music may initiate.
2. Responsible for recruiting, training and scheduling cantors.
3. Responsible for recruiting, training and scheduling other accompanists as needed.
4. Encourages musical and liturgical formation of parish musicians of all ages to improve their skills and musicianship.

D. Other
1. Strives to build the repertoire of the worshiping assembly and to facilitate their “full and active participation.”
2. Provides music collaboration with Christian Formation, Youth Ministry and other parish groups.
3. Provide guidance and direction with respect to the Worship Space sound system.
4. Follows diocesan fee schedule guidelines for accompanists.
5. Provides music collaboration with the community churches, ecumenical music ministries, and other opportunities for musical engagement as appropriate.

APPRAISAL: The Director of Music Ministry will be evaluated by the Pastor based on the program’s goals, objectives and methods developed by the director in collaboration with the pastor. The pastor may consult with volunteers and staff who have worked with the music minister. Evaluations will be conducted yearly in accordance with the performance appraisal policies of the Diocese.

WORKING CONDITIONS: The position requires 40 hours per week. There are regular weekend working days (weekend liturgies, funerals and weddings) as well as evening meetings and rehearsals. The Music minister will be available for regular and consistent office hours during part of the normal working day. Attendance at local, regional and diocesan meetings related to the position will necessitate some time away from the parish. The work schedule is established through dialogue with the pastor or his designee and can be adjusted to maintain workflow and avoid excessive hours.

The Director of Music should request to participate in regional and/or national musical workshops and activities. The pastor may grant requests for assistance.

The parish will provide office space at the church. Ministry related travel expenses will be reimbursed according to diocesan policy.

SALARY AND BENEFITS: Salary and benefits follow Diocesan personnel policies and guidelines.

APPLICATION MATERIALS: Applicants should provide the following:
1. Resume
2. Written answers (no more than 200 words per question) to the following:
• What are your strongest ministry skills for Director of Music Ministry?
• What led you to become a Director of Music Ministry?
• Describe an effective Music Ministry program and its relationship to Liturgy.
3. Three personal and two letters of recommendation from a previous employer or supervisor.
4. A completed Diocese of Richmond Employment application.

Application materials should be sent to:
St. Nicholas Catholic Church
Attn: Fr. Venancio “Jun” Balarote
712 Little Neck Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 (0)

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