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Would you buy a girls leopard print string bikini for your little girl?

I don’t know what makes Elizabeth Hurley and other fashion designers think our children should be wearing two piece, string bikinis, but hopefully the backlash she is getting will awaken fashion designers like her to stop pushing this on our kids. Sure parents can choose not to buy them but why market them in the first place and oversexualize children? We have enough high teen pregnancy and single mothers, thanks to oversexualized TV and movies, and other problems in our society where the innocence of childhood is becoming lost.

liz hurley baby bikiniThe StirFormer model and now children’s clothing designer Elizabeth Hurley has always been so fashionable. But this time, she’s way off trend. Hurley is getting major flack for her girls’ swim collection. The line for girls under 8 features, of all things, a leopard-print stringed number called the “Wild Cat Bikini.” Mrwor! It’s a bit much for moms who have been asking clothing designers to stop churning out clothes that sexualize children. Why does Hurley think moms want to buy their little girls a swimsuit that’s “great for girls who want to look grown up”?

When Liz Hurley’s brand tweeted out her kids’ swimwear collection there was an almost instant backlash from disgusted moms.

Our kids collection is divine too.

“Triangle and side tie bikinis on little girls is not a good look … Sorry. Why sexualise them. Let them be children.”

“Leopard print bikinis for children, how delightful…”

“Children have to be trendy too? What for sexual predators? Nope. This is silly!”"

Here it is in the gorgeous @Harrods

— Elizabeth Hurley (@ElizabethHurley) April 2, 2014 

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Ouch!! ‘Troubling’ New Trend Called ‘Eraser Challenge’ Has Kids ‘Mutiliating Themselves’

Image source: Oliver Darcy/TheBlaze

Strange…what are kids thinking…or not thinking these days. I can’t see how anyone would want to do this but if it gives them the attention they seek/need I guess that is one reason. I hope they learn this is unhealthy behavior and damaging their skin. Hopefully now that parents and the school are aware of this new ‘trend’ they will put an end to it.

“Students have explained the Eraser Challenge this way: kids take an eraser and begin ‘erasing’ their skin while saying the alphabet and coming up with a word for each letter,” Muharem wrote. “Once they get to the letter Z, they stop and then compare the injury to their friends.”

“Most students use their arms to do this, from their elbow to their wrist — however, it can be anywhere on their body,” he added.
According to Muharem, at least a dozen students at his school have taken part in the activity.
“What I found out was kids were sharing erasers, so as they broke the skin they were passing the eraser off to somebody else, body fluids being shared, and that’s a concern of mine,” he told WTIC-TV.
Parents of students at the school expressed concern and were urged by Muharem in his letter to speak with their children about the dangers.
“I don’t understand why kids are mutilating themselves or doing things to hurt themselves,” parent John Luhrs told WTIC-TV.
“I just thought it was strange. Very strange things these children are doing,” added another parent, Lara Fusara.
A YouTube search using the term “eraser challenge” indicates that the activity has been around for some time, suggesting Bethel Middle School is dealing with a new outbreak. Young individuals can be seen in multiple online videos engaging in the challenge while recording themselves. Others show painful scars and warn others not to get swallowed into the hype.

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ICYMI: Here are this past weeks most popular @littlebytesnews tweets

Here are this past weeks most popular @littlebytesnews  tweets.  Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Listed by rank, date and headline:

Mar 25, 2014

TopNews: Malaysia’s prime minister: plane crashed in Indian Ocean, no survivors  

Mar 16, 2014

#breaking #news Founder of controversial Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps Sr., said to be ‘on the edge of deat…

Mar 16, 2014 BREAKING: per The Mirror: #MH370 Pilot Moved Out Wife and 3 Kids THE DAY BEFORE Disappearance

Mar 17, 2014

 Missing Jet and Missing Nukes….Is There Any Connection? Israel Prepares for possible attack…what’s USA doing ?

Mar 16, 2014

House report traces IRS scandal to Obama; produces evidence Lois Lerner followed White House lead #IRS

Mar 17, 2014

Blogging mom of two woke up to find that her perfectly PG pictures,&personal info were used on a foreign Porn site 

Mar 23, 2014

#breaking #news Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott: ‘We have now had a number of very credible leads’ in search…

Feb 3, 2013

[image] RIP to three high profile firearms business owners,mysteriously killed in past month….

Mar 17, 2014

#breaking #news Guinness beer withdraws sponsorship of New York City’s St. Patrick’s day parade over anti-LGBT pol…

Feb 7, 2014 

#breaking #news Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says US borrowing authority may not last past Feb. 27 – @BloombergTV 

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Eight Grade CT Teacher Tells Student She’s Going To Punch Him In The Face

Marylou Addona allegedly belittled and threatened some of her students. (Image source: WFSB-TV)

Wow, what a witch, I should hope she gets fired, but I’m sure the teachers union will make sure she keeps her job or is given a paid suspension. ““I’m going to punch him right in the face and break that glass in his eye,” Marylou Addona was allegedly caught on a recording saying, according to the school district.

Marylou Addona allegedly belittled and threatened some of her students. (Image source: WFSB-TV)
WFSB-TV reported that the exchange was recorded on a student’s iPod. The Duggan Elementary School teacher was reportedly unaware she was being recorded.

“I can’t stand the crybaby,” Addona allegedly said.

“I can’t stand the crybaby.”

Watch Video here: WFSB 3 Connecticut

A Goldstar Son–A Story About Kindness and Respect for Our Military

I remember seeing this story not too long ago on the national news. Very sweet…what a thoughtful and generous child to give something he found to a complete stranger and to honor our military like he did. So sad that he lost his dad in the war when h…

Feminist admits abortion is a form of birth control&compares to removing a cavity

My response to Amanda Marcotte, one of the most vile feminists I’ve read in awhile on her column The Real Debate Isn’t About “Life” But About What We Expect Of Women, where she compares having an abortion to having a cavity removed and rants about why she hates babies and never wants one:
Amanda Marcotte

If we all work together to come up with real choices for women — better birth control, better maternity leave, subsidized daycare, a living wage, flexible work schedules, better schooling options, more attractive open-adoption and temporary foster care options, etc. — abortion may roll itself into the world of obsolescence, regardless of its legal status. 

Ah, doesn’t that sound nice? We give women more opportunities to leave work early for their mothering duties and some gold-plated day care and perhaps some re-education camps (don’t say that out loud) and eventually, they will succumb to our soft coercion and know that having a baby is what they really want, like they should, because all ladies love babies—and all ladies want a baby right now because they are so cute—because they are ladies. Well, let me just put a stop to this shit right now. You can give me gold-plated day care and an awesome public school right on the street corner and start paying me 15% more at work, and I still do not want a baby. I don’t particularly like babies. They are loud and smelly and, above all other things, demanding. No matter how much free day care you throw at women, babies are still time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness. No matter how flexible you make my work schedule, my entire life would be overturned by a baby. I like my life how it is, with my ability to do what I want when I want without having to arrange for a babysitter. I like being able to watch True Detective right now and not wait until baby is in bed. I like sex in any room of the house I please. I don’t want a baby. I’ve heard your pro-baby arguments. Glad those work for you, but they are unconvincing to me. Nothing will make me want a baby. And don’t float “adoption” as an answer. Adoption? Fuck you, seriously. I am not turning my body over for nine months of gaining weight and puking and being tired and suffering and not being able to sleep on my side and going to the hospital for a bout of misery and pain so that some couple I don’t know and probably don’t even like can have a baby. I don’t owe that couple a free couch to sleep on while they come to my city to check out the local orphans, so I sure as shit don’t own them my body. I like drinking alcohol and eating soft cheese. I like not having a giant growth protruding out of my stomach. I hate hospitals and like not having stretch marks. We don’t even force men to donate sperm—a largely pleasurable activity with no physical cost—so forcing women to donate babies is reprehensible. This is why, if my birth control fails, I am totally having an abortion. Given the choice between living my life how I please and having my body within my control and the fate of a lentil-sized, brainless embryo that has half a chance of dying on its own anyway, I choose me. Here’s another uncomfortable fact for anti-choicers: Just because a woman does want children doesn’t mean she wants them now. Maybe she’s still got some fun-having to do. Or maybe she has a couple already and, already well-educated about the smelly neediness of babies, feels done with having them. Either way, what she wants trumps the non-existent desires of a mindless pre-person that is so small it can be removed in about two minutes during an outpatient procedure. Your cavities fight harder to stay in place. So, reading those three paragraphs above? I bet at some point you recoiled a bit, even if you don’t want to have recoiled a bit. Don’t I sound selfish? Hedonistic? Isn’t there something very unfeminine about my bluntness here? Hell, I’m performing against gender norms so hard that even I recoil a little. This is actually what I think, and I feel zero guilt about it, but I know that saying so out loud will cause people to want to hit me with the Bad Woman ruler, and that causes a little dread. Why do we feel this way? What kind of training and socialization did we receive that made us think there’s something terribly wrong about a woman who is hurting no one and is actually pretty nice but wants what she wants in her private life and doesn’t apologize about it? Is there a reason that we should bully women into pretending that they’re more interested in being selfless and eternally nurturing than they actually are, even at great cost to themselves? Would we be even remotely close to as upset with a man who said he’s too invested in his bachelor lifestyle to consider having a baby? Is the pressure that’s dished out to women to serve at great cost to themselves just oppression, an attempt by society to extract labor and other goods out of women without giving them compensation and respect for it? Or is there some rational justification for it? Now that is an interesting conversation, for those who are interested in free-wheeling discourse where we tackle the hard questions. Far more interesting with far more unexplored dimensions than the tedious “when does life begin” discussion that goes nowhere and is deliberately constructed to be circular to avoid having the real conversation. Gender norms and conformity are fascinating topics of discussion, for those who pride themselves on being brave and leaving no cow untipped, no hard question unasked. So let’s get on that, and drop rehashing a non-debate that’s been had so many times that reading it threatens to cause death by boredom.

I should hope someone who hates kids like her never has them. Hopefully she abstains and is responsible enough not to risk a pregnancy. Abortion isn’t meant as contraception/birth control. The original argument was in cases of rape…even though Roe V Wade was passed on a lie, she was never raped. Now they want abortion on demand for any reason regardless if the mother was raped or has a so called ‘life threatening’ complication. It’s disgusting and reflects the true feminist agenda is to use abortion as a form of birth control and an excuse to avoid personal responsibility, while endangering themselves and killing an innocent and defenseless human being in the process.

ICYMI: @LittleBytesNews Top Tweets Feb 3 through March 16, 2014

Since I don’t always have a lot of time to blog about the daily news that is making headlines. I thought I’d try a new feature on my blog. I’m going to try and add a weekly summary of my most clicked tweets for a two to three week period. Hopefully it will be useful to those who may have missed my tweets or haven’t been keeping up to date with the latest top news of the day, week or month. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Date Post

1 Mar 16, 2014
#breaking #news Founder of controversial Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps Sr., said to be ‘on the edge of deat…
2 Mar 16, 2014 BREAKING: per The Mirror: #MH370 Pilot Moved Out Wife and 3 Kids THE DAY BEFORE Disappearance
3 Mar 17, 2014 Missing Jet and Missing Nukes….Is There Any Connection? Israel Prepares for possible attack…what’s USA doing ?
4 Mar 16, 2014
House report traces IRS scandal to Obama; produces evidence Lois Lerner followed White House lead #IRS
5 Mar 13, 2014
.@mpoppel did they ever search this area Oil rig worker claims saw #MH370 airliner go down, gives coordinates
6 Mar 17, 2014
Blogging mom of two woke up to find that her perfectly PG pictures,&personal info were used on a foreign Porn site
7 Mar 9, 2014
#breaking #news Japan Airlines flight to San Francisco diverted to Honolulu Airport for ‘maintenance issue’ – @Rya
8 Mar 12, 2014
#breaking #news Editor’s note: Chinese state media has reported that vessels searching for the Malaysia Airlines p…
9 Mar 9, 2014
#breaking #news Malaysian transport minister says search area expanded due to possibility that missing aircraft tu…
10 Feb 3, 2013
[image] RIP to three high profile firearms business owners,mysteriously killed in past month….


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Woman Says Husband Beaten To Death By OK Cops In Movie Parking Lot

Call for justice: Nair Rodriguez (left) says Moore police officer viciously beat her husband, Luis, to death in a movie theater parking lotWhat is going on with cops these days? If this is true, this is outrageous and another act of police abuse of power. After the Kelly Thomas incident, which involved the brutal beating of a homeless man in CA, and other recent reports of police abuse leading to the death of those they confront I find this another disturbing report to a disturbing trend.

Police used to be people that communities could trust and look up to but now I’m not so sure anymore… Video Report

‘They just viciously took his life’: Woman calls for justice after ‘police beat her husband to death in front of their daughter’ in a movie theater row 

  • Nair Rodriguez said her husband of 22 years, Luis, was trying to calm her down after she slapped her daughter when he was stopped by police
  • Incident took place February 15 outside Warren Theater in Moore, Oklahoma   
  • Mrs Rodriguez and her daughter claim three cops and two security guards kicked and punched the man until he lay motionlessness and bloodied 
  • Wife recorded beating on her cell phone by police seized it as evidence 
  • Three Moore cops have been placed on administrative leave pending internal probeMrs Rodriguez slapped her daughterLuinahi Rodriguez

Violent row: Mrs Rodriguez (left) slapped her daughter, Luinahi (right), and stormed off. Her husband went after her trying to get her to calm down, at which point he was confronted by police   

According to Lewis, when three police officers and two security guards attempted to question Mr Rodriguez, he was uncooperative.

He was handcuffed and placed on the ground. That’s when his family say police beat him to death.
The entire incident was captured by Mrs Rodriguez on her cellphone, which she says officers then seized from her as evidence without producing a warrant.

Lewis says police are reviewing the recording. The three officers involved in the deadly confrontation have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the internal investigation.


mysignature-1.png©2008-2014 Patricia Garza

Kansas Democrat Proposes Spanking Bill That Would Allow Bruising Children

WTH?? I thought liberals were against any form of physical dicipline let alone punishment of any child?? While I avoid spanking whenever I can, my husband will resort to it when my sons are continuously being defiant or talking back, but he never spank…

Schools Can No Longer Suspend School Bullies

As Obama declares he will start enforcing laws with his pen and phone, therefore bypassing Congress and unilaterally implementing regulations and creating laws at his descretion…we find out more about the direction he wants to take our schools.

New York Post

Last month, President Obama declared he’ll “act on my own,” that he doesn’t need Congress to exercise his power.“We’re not just going to be waiting for legislation. I’ve got a pen . . . and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions,” he asserted. “One of the things that I’m going to be talking to my Cabinet about is how do we use all the tools available to us.”He’s already made good on his promise to act unilaterally — delaying the ObamaCare mandate on businesses again last week and changing the rules for immigration enforcement.But what Obama didn’t say is that, behind the scenes, he’s radically increasing the government’s reach. His tools aren’t laws or even executive orders — it’s thousands of new pages of new rules in the Federal Register, the nation’s official book of regulations, controlling everything from home finance to car deals to city zoning.An unelected, unappointed shadowy network of leftie advocates are rewriting these rules — posing a direct threat to Congress’ legislative authority. Yet alarmingly few lawmakers are aware of its clout. Likewise, few in the private sector know about its unchecked power and influence over business and finance — or even local housing and school policies. 

“Schools can’t suspend bullies”
One troubling new area of regulation: rules for discipline at your children’s schools, so that teachers can no longer kick students who misbehave out of the classroom. They’re relaxing the protocols for punishing even violent kids, compounding fears about classroom safety in a post-Newtown world.”


With this new revelation… It’s no wonder Obama and other democrats oppose school choice, they want to control not only what our children learn but how we discipline our children. Somehow for a former Constitutional scholar he has forgotten his oath of office to the Constitution, which states in Article II that he is responsible for enforcing laws,he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed, not rewriting laws or creating new laws without the legislative branch. 

As parents it is our duty to stand up for our children and decide what is best for our schools and their safety. Keeping disruptive students in class will only hinder a successful learning environment and will only reward bad behavior. We must fight against these new policies and regulations that lessen the standards we expect of our own children and demand better from our schools, the federal government and those who are responsible for enforcing the laws in our country.

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