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Magnificat Monday: Garau

See, CMAA’s been right all along

Author David Ryan Gutierrez over at RELAVENT BLOG argues forcefully for the “church as patron of fine arts” in the article linked below. What’s interesting is that his perspective addresses issues from the perspective of the megachurch, praise team, Hi…

The Saint Benet Schola

I’m sort of amazed at the rapid development of a fantastic new initiative I’m delighted to be involved with, the Saint Benet Schola, named in honor of our beloved Pope Emeritus Benedict.

This group of 12 (and growing) women sang the proper chants in English for the opening Mass of the Ordinariate parish of St. Luke’s in its new location, in the heart of downtown Washington DC. There are actually 2 choirs, and the other group is singing wonderful polyphonic motets and ordinaries while we take care of the propers.

Here is the plan for this Sunday’s feast day, Sunday September 14:

After last Sunday’s Mass I ran into Skip West, who runs the Suspicious Cheese Lords:

Me: So, how did the schola sound?
Skip: You sounded like nuns!
Me: Um, what kind of nuns?
Skip: Benedictines! French Benedictine nuns!

It felt pretty good too, the way music is supposed to feel when a singing group is doing well. The church that hosts the Ordinariate parish is a large and beautiful church called Immaculate Conception, and takes a certain amount of vocal power to fill it.

This is what the National Catholic Register had to say:

The St. Benet Schola, named in honor of the Benedictine tradition with a nod to Pope Emeritus Benedict, is composed of women and specializes in plainchant.

“Alongside our polyphonic choir, who sang a Mass by Hans Leo Hassler and a motet by Victoria during Holy Communion, the schola sang the Propers,” said Father James Bradley, an ordinariate priest from England, who has been involved in establishing the schola, referring to the parts of the Sept. 7 liturgy that were specific to that day’s Mass. Father Bradley added, “The Propers are integral parts of the liturgy, and we are using the ancient chants of the Roman Gradual as set to English by the sisters of Wantage, who are now part of the Ordinariate in England. The result is music that is at once Catholic in origin and Anglican in flavor; [it is] universal and particular.”

The rest of the article is here, and if you are in the DC area, the Mass is sung each Sunday morning at 8:30 am. Immaculate Conception is just 2 blocks north of the Mount Vernon Square metro stop at 1315 8th Street NW.

CMAA Forum Highlight: Simple Latin Propers

For those of you musicians out there who haven’t already joined and become a member of the CMAA forum, you should! In addition to learning from others, and networking with other musicians, you get to see many of the newest projects in the sacred music …

Magnificat Monday: La Rocca

Magnificat by Frank La Rocca on this special occasion of the Blessed Mother’s birthday! 

"The first problem, was the intelligibility of the text." Msgr. Charles Pope reflects on the historical reception of new forms of sacred music.

I’d forgotten about this fantastic essay until yesterday. Msgr. Pope thinks about the modern musical controversies by looking backwards over the centuries.This controversy took place during the years of the Council of Trent, and though some scholars a…

What Hymns Do We Have in Common?

As an Assistant Editor of the forthcoming Lumen Christi Hymnal, my main responsibility was the initial “build” of the hymnal: choosing those hymns that would best serve the needs of the hymnal’s projected constituents.As any Music Director knows, this …

The Choral Year- Onward!

For many of us, the choral year is about to start again.  To all the directors, accompanists, and singers,  here’s wishing everyone a year of musical growth and rich spiritual rewards of our hearts’ desire.  Thanks to those who, week aft…

Just what is the new evangelization, anyway? (Where is it going, this nouvelle évangélisation?)

I’m sitting at my desk before beginning the day’s work, looking out the window and watching a man in a suit who is reading the flyer I put on the door of our meeting rooms building. This happens all day long. It’s a regular sheet of white typing paper …

Let the Rumor Mills Begin

This morning the Holy Father appointed the former Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship to a cardinalate see in his home country of Spain.Personally I would be happy to see the Congregation’s Secretary, Archbishop Arthur Roche, take the Congr…

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