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Hymn Tune Introit–All Saints Day

For those looking for an easy way to introduce the proper texts, try singing this versification of the Gaudeamus to any Long Meter tune as the bell signals the beginning of your opening procession.If followed by the oft-sung For All the Saints, there’s…

Masses with a "theme"

Well, school has started up again, which means that in one area of many parishes the music director has little say in the quality of the liturgy.The School Mass.In many places, Masses are assigned to a class or grade, which means that the teacher of th…

We Seem To Give Them Back To You, O God

From yesterday each one of us has today moved one day closer to death. It’s our common destiny. The Mass of All Souls puts that reality in front of us in a special way even though in every celebrated Mass we always pray for those who have, along with all of the saints, gone ahead […]

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Rome’s “Welcome” To Homosexuals

In early October, a draft of a Vatican synod report on family life spoke of “welcoming [homosexuals] . . . to a fraternal place in our communities [emphasis added].” Criticism came quickly from many quarters, including some of the bishops who had participated in the synod. Just as quickly, the wording in English was softened […]

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All Souls: Expressing His Love

It is only a few months since your husband or wife died, or perhaps your parents who lived with you, or maybe it was your child. You get up from the sofa in the living room to go to the kitchen, and for a split second you think you see him or her. Then you […]

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Living Lives of Love

Once there was a boy in the 3rd grade named Benjamin Dalton–and he was having the worst day of his life. He loved school, and was a good student–but on this particular morning something terrible had happened, something he would never be able to live down, something he was certain would ruin him forever. You […]

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Pontifical Mass at St. Peter’s

What an incredible photo of the Eucharistic procession.Details at the New Liturgical Movement.

Magnificat Monday: Stanford

Thanks to Chuck Giffen for the find!

Saint Paul Addresses The Synod

My dear Brothers in Christ, It is not unusual for people of a certain epoch to assume that in their time the culture has deteriorated to such a degree and at so swift a pace that it must be unique in history. Many of you look about your diocese and see premarital sex, co-habitation, contraception, […]

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