Can we have a moment of silence for the 1st Amendment.

When Fidel Castro wanted Elian Gonzalez the Clinton Administration complied.

When the President of Egypt wanted a filmmaker arrested:

Though to be fair he is only being taken in for an “interview” which obviously is an operation involving lots of police officials.

The crafted narrative that some obscure negative film concerning Mohammed and Islam is typical political misdirection. As Ross Douthat amply explains It’s Not About the Video. We are suppose to believe according to the Obama Administration that the assaults on our embassies and subsequent deaths were just crowd dynamics that occurred on the spur of the moment. That somehow directed and coordinated assaults from multiple directions involving rockets was just mad crowds upset about a video on YouTube. “Hey lets go down to the U.S. Embassy and protest that video! Oh and bring a rocket launcher just in case.” The extend they are trying to push this obviously false narrative is frankly sickening. To ensure no blame is attached to them the State Department, Ambassador to the U.N., and the Obama Administration are treating us as fools and lying to us.

The attack on free speech is just another attack on the 1st Amendment by the Obama Administration. The fingerprints on the taking in of this filmmaker have the Justice Department all over it since they were involved in hunting him down. The call by Gen Dempsey to the Florida Pastor Terry Jones is just another branch of this attack amplifying a false narrative. That Muslim-baiter Terry Jones had little or nothing to do with the film is of no concern to an administration that would trample our rights to smooth gened-up bad feelings.

The total incompetence of the President just makes matters worse. Here is a man who probably really thought that his election would smooth over anti-Americanism among the radical Islamists. That really the hatred of America was all about George W. Bush and previous foreign policy. He was not only going to “heal the oceans”, but heal this hatred. That bowing down to foreign dictators and never talking about radical Islam that all the problems would just go away.  That hobnobbing and partying with the Hollywood elite was going to impress Muslims who see the social corruption? Unfortunately the President naiveté was note just limited to him. Sec. Hillary Clinton first responded by saying “How could this happen in a country we helped liberate.” I am not sure what world they are living in, but I heard many people warn that the so-called Arab Spring could turn into the same situation that occurred in Iran in 1979. There were many people that warned about what could happen and indeed did happen.

Remember when Candidate Obama talked about having a “Humble foreign policy”?  I guess that means bragging about killing Bin Laden whenever politically opportune.  They were even chanting it at the Democratic Convention.  I guess killing Bin Laden and killing many radical Islamist via drones has no effect, but a video on YouTube does.

It is sad that when Catholics across the land peaceably demonstrate against the HHS mandate the Obama Administration has no time for them and is totally unwilling to remove one jot or tittle form the mandate.  Yet the pretext for violent riots which kill some of our citizens is met with the hunting down of and anti-Islam filmmaker.  Whatever happened to “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death of your right to say it.” Yet an Ivy League professor called for the mans arrest along with others.  That so many are willing to go along with this sham is a defining point in the direction this country is going.

Mocking of religion is fine, just as long as it is not Islam. Liberal kowtow to radical Islam because a bully respects another bully.  They will raze the 1st Amendment to suit them.  It is even sadder when Google has more of an idea on protecting free speech than the President’s administration has.  If they move to remove anything that insults Islam, the Islamists will move the definition of what insults Islam.  No doubt not accepting that Mohammed is the only messenger is an insult to Islam. Well we have a lot of work to do to make this world a safe place for radical Islamists to keep them in a reality bubble and not have to grow up.


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