Blasphemy Burger

From CNN’s Beliefs blog: via A Deacon’s Bench

A Chicago restaurant is pushing the boundaries of poor taste with its October Burger of the Month.
Kuma’s Corner, a heavy-metal themed joint with an “Eat beef; bang your head” ethos, says its new burger is an homage to Ghost, a Swedish band that performs satanic songs in Catholic clerical garb.

“The Ghost” burger features a “Communion wafer garnish,” a white, unleavened disc bearing the imprint of a cross and a crown. > > Ghost’s new album comes complete with grape juice and a mock Communion wafer. Not coincidentally, the Communion burger at Kuma’s comes with a red wine reduction…

…Luke Tobias, director of operations for Kuma’s, said the restaurant’s Communion wafers are not consecrated, and thus, not really holy. “It’s more or less a cracker with a cross on it,” he said. The restaurant bought the wafers online from an e-Bay-type website.

They’re not trying to make a big religious statement, Tobias said, just trying to have fun honoring a band they like.

“If there is a God, I’m sure he has a sense of humor.”

As Deacon Kandra wrote:

I have no idea what this tastes like. But I can tell you this much: it’s tasteless. And offensive.

No word yet if the owner will deny Communion burger to Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Reminds me of a story from 2005.

MONTREAL, Dec. 27 (UPI) – Unconsecrated communion wafers are growing in popularity as a snack food throughout Quebec, alongside potato chips and popcorn on supermarket shelves.

The paper-thin morsels made from flour and water hark back to when Quebec was one of the most devout Roman Catholic enclaves in North America and the wafers were seen only at holy communion.

Gaston Bonneau, one of the two major commercial producers in Quebec, told the Toronto Globe & Mail newspaper his business started with just himself and his wife in the mid–1980s. Now it’s grown to 16 employees and he plans to automate production.

“My son can eat a whole bag while he’s watching TV,” said supermarket manager Paul Saumure. “He’s had more of them outside of church than he ever did inside one.”


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