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Dear Reader,

By supporting ZENIT, a nonprofit enterprise, you help us spread the message of Christianity to the world, free of charge.

Publishing in 7 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and now Arabic) is no easy task, as you can imagine. Your donation of:

— $15 could pay for 2 days of a subscription to other media sources that we use.

— $40 could pay for database entry for 3 days.

— $130 could pay for translating one papal speech into 5 languages.

— $600 could pay for editing 5 days of the English-language edition.

— $1,300 could pay for 12 days of expenses for the daily service to 10,000 missionaries in poor countries.

— $9,000 could pay for one year’s hosting of the servers we are using.

If you feel called to give alms for the work of evangelization, please consider making a donation to ZENIT.

You can send your donation by credit card, check or wire transfer. Follow the instructions at:

With heartfelt thanks!

The ZENIT Team

Donations to ZENIT are tax deductible in the United States, Mexico, Spain, France and Germany.

We are counting on you!

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