I know there are a lot of times I take things for granted. Some of those include the fact that I am able to go to Mass on Sunday without having to worried about whether I will be hunted down and murdered for being a Christian. Many in the Middle East, esp. in Iraq and Syria, can’t say the same.

So, in an effort to gain some perspective about how good I have it, I came up with this short list:

Being Christin in USA vs Middle East
  • USA – People talk too much in Mass and the music choices weren’t my in-line with my style.
  • Middle East – If you talk about Jesus or play Christian hymns, you might be killed.
  • USA - The church air conditioner can’t keep up with the TX heat.
  • Middle East - Many churches have been destroyed by Islamic militants.
  • USA – I got trouble from some people at work because I am Christian.
  • Middle East - My brother was beheaded because he is Christian.
  • USA - I don’t like the hypocricy of many people that call themselves Christian.
  • Middle East - I don’t like being forced to either leave my home or be killed.
Lord grant us perspective and a deep love for you and your people!


    Marcel (633 Posts)